Mad for plaid flannel shirt…

Good morning! Well, the buffalo check mania this fall finally got to me. Suddenly I needed a check flannel shirt. I was really fortunate to find the perfect flannel shirting at JoAnns.

I’m having such a good time with my McCalls 6600 shirts (in chambray and jersey knit). The pattern is so adaptable. For this one, with leggings in mind, I added a couple inches to the length. Yes, I live in south Florida, but I do have boots! Two pairs – black leather, brown suede leather. You never know when it’ll snow.

To be honest, much as I love Florida (almost 40 years worth), I do miss fall and winter clothes. The layering, cozy looks, coats, boots, big leather bags, scarves, even mittens. And ice on the car and in the birdbath. I could stand a little of that. Ashley and I used to travel every February to Paris or London, ostensibly for my birthday. And we loved being cold!

Dolly Parton was singing on the telly while I shot these pics. Accounts for some of the blurry (weird?) shots… this one is somewhere between a whip, a leg break, and a nae nae. As an aside, I love the Nae Nae song and dance.

Little details. I sewed this one with a button cuff and with shiny black buttons. The buttons don’t show well in the pics, but in person they add a little light to the front.

Apparently still dancing…
Love this look. Plus it’s a super comfy shirt.

I’m off to make a real mess in the living room – I’m cutting out the Hudson pants for the guys in my life. Hope you’re having some enjoyable sewing time as well.

Bye for now – Coco

21 thoughts on “Mad for plaid flannel shirt…

  1. Great outfit and the plaid is wonderful. I miss Florida when the weather is unbearably cold here but yes, I do like the variety and coziness of a multi-season wardrobe. This is the perfect transitional outfit.


  2. Great shirt. Flannelette is so cozy and warm. My two flannelette shurts both 'died ' this year so I might make another one this winter. I'm glad you're going to repost “The whole wide world ” – I saw that too and it sounded intriguing.


  3. Hi there! oh well, I admit I took it back so I can rework it. Not the first time – but sorry I disappointed you. You're fast! It was only up for a few minutes. Stay tuned – and thanks, Coco


  4. Love the look, Lydia! Very cute shirt, and just perfect with the leggings & boots. Hey I pulled out my boots yesterday, too. It dipped below 70, y'know! So my computer is non-functional, and commenting on blogger on my phone is hit 'n miss. I'm going to cross my fingers & toes and hope this works. Hope you are doing well, you look good. Hope your guys enjoy the Hudsons.


  5. Cute tunic-style top. I live in hot,humid Houston so I fully understand wanting some cold weather for variety. I finally sewing up some ultrasuede into a fringe jacket. So what if I can only wear it a few days a year! Karen


  6. Cute cute cute! Looks perfect with leggings and boots. I love plaids, just not flannel. I know, weird, but my go to warm winter fabric is corduroy instead. Love the stuff! Maybe I can find some plaid cord fabric? In any event, that pattern is going on my must have list!


  7. I like this plaid flannel the best of the three shirt/tunics you've made with this pattern. Perfection! Having recently moved to Santa Fe, NM we still get snow and cold weather here so I'm still getting my four seasons, but we also get the sunshine during winter and the snow melts…it's not that Michigan weather. To be fair, El Niño is bringing better winter weather to Michigan this year, but I still love living out west, closer to where I was born. Anyway, I truly love this shirt dress! It gives me the urge to pull out my the and black buffalo plaid flannel in my stash.


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