Twosies – Walking on sunshine…



I’ve been indulging in some favorite patterns this month. And 2 of my favorite colors – marigold and orange. Given my color preferences, I sure live in the right place.

This is the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress, first made last year in a small stripe. Love love the neckline and sleeves.

As with my first one, the bodice and sleeves are the only parts I used from the pattern. For the skirt I used a rectangle, cut across the fabric width and 43″ long. This fabric, a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee, is very soft and drapes nicely, so the rectangle approach works great. If I were using a heavier knit, like a ponte di roma, I think I’d use the original skirt.

I’m hoping the color will hold for at least a year. When it starts to fade, I’ll have to buy some more and cut this dress into PJ tops. I also have 3 yards of fleece in this exact color! purchased from JoAnns Black Friday sale. No idea what I’ll make with all that fleece, but I’ll think of something 🙂


A late-breaking favorite this year has been the Jalie Cocoon Cardigan. My first (not counting two muslins) was done in a fairly heavy ponte de roma from Fabric Mart. This Girl Charlee ponte de roma is much lighter but still stable enough to work well with this cocoon.


This is a very typical outfit for me – harem pants, scout tee, cardi. And if I go out, sandals…


Great pattern, my favorite cardi ever!


So, today I’m going to finish up my grandson’s Christmas gifts and actually wrap things ahead of my trip on Friday. I’ve found that with little ones, quantity really matters!

I think P. , who’s almost 7, will have fun leaving post-it notes on the fridge. And squirting Archie the pup and anything else that moves. Of course he probably already has a squirt gun, I’ve given him several. But undoubtedly he needs more for water wars in the pool.

A bigger gift is a stationary box with personalized note cards. Yes, I’m encouraging good manners, but I also hope he gets into letter writing. He’s a very organized little guy – I think he’ll enjoy this. I created the design on Avery’s site, super easy.


Parting shot:
I got such helpful tips in response to my Christmas Eve attempt to capture the full moon. So – I put a little work into it and went back out on Christmas night. Ta da! I got some great pics of the moon. Thank you!
Bye for now – Coco

22 thoughts on “Twosies – Walking on sunshine…

  1. Hi Coco dear, you look so good in that yellow dress! I'm a little green with envy at how well you wear it. �� Yellow is such a fun and lively color, but hard to wear for pale/fair people like me. Your dark hair sets it off so well. The orange cardi suits you so well too, another favorite I can't do very well. The harem pants and cocoon cardi make a nice outfit. I'll have to add them to my list, they look comfy, yet pulled together. Have a lovely time visiting your grandson!


  2. Nancy, thank you! Some colors do that to me as well, mostly the cooler ones. And I look terrible in most blues and beiges and browns. Or maybe it's because I grew up with navy, beige, camel, and brown, and I swore them off as an adult!


  3. Hi Margene! I think you're right…I have one more post in progress 🙂 And fabrics ready for Jungle January, I think that's such fun.


  4. Ruth, you touch my heart. Thank so much. And back at you – you've been such an inspiration for me as well. I will eventually do some AC sewing 🙂 Happy and safe new year to you and family as well.


  5. Thanks so much – your tips really made the difference on the photos. I'm going to keep working at it in different lighting, until it comes without having my manual open!


  6. What glorious colors! And those nice, simple lines real show them off. I wish gold and orange didn't make me look like death warmed over. But at least I can admire them on you!


  7. Hi Coco, I can see why you love yellow and orange–they are meant for you. Great fit and looks so comfortable, too. Your grandson is lucky to have you as his grandmother. You've got a few days before your trip, bet you will be sewing something new and will look for it in 2016, but wouldn't be surprised if it appears before you leave. Have a wonderful trip!


  8. Oh Coco, I'm deliberating surfing to delay the sewing of silk chiffon and thank you for all your inspirational posts this year. You have no idea how much you have contributed to my sewing direction and influence. Thank you
    I wish you and yours a Happy and healthy 2016 – long may the sewing continue…..

    I love the black and white with orange – stunning!


  9. Fabulous moon shot! – (I love seeing folks get to know their cameras) and that jalie cardie pattern is calling my name – I love that outfit, and the colours look great on you!


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