New Year and odd lots…

Oh, how I wish a bobbin could have fixed it! I was rear-ended just before Christmas…and I just got a call that my car is repaired and ready for me to pick it up.

I’m OK, the car not so much. I’m so sorry it was damaged – a car is never the same after it gets smacked.

Aggravation. The woman who hit me doesn’t have insurance, so all the costs fall on me. Incredible. I am out about $1200 in insurance deductibles and 3 weeks of car rental. My insurance company is suing her, so I might get some of that back eventually.

On to more pleasant things. I almost got all my 2015 sewing on the blog before year end. But here are a couple more things!

Even though I wasn’t thrilled with my muslin of the Grainline Studio Morris Blazer, I did sew it again, this time in rayon/nylon/spandex ponte. It’s such a cute jacket, and I don’t want to give up on it.

I thinkย  it works well with things like the maxi skirt I’m wearing in the pics below. But – I haven’t really worn it. Maybe because I’m in love with my Jalie Cocoon cardi’s.

But I also think I’d like it better with long sleeves. I see another version in my future…

And here’s something I made in August – the Hot Patterns Fast & Fabulous Shirt-Tail T. As with all HP patterns I’ve sewn, the real thing just doesn’t look like the picture.

1- It’s short and the hemline isn’t really a shirt-tail at all.

2 – Check out the sleeve. It supposed to be cuffed, but it won’t stay turned up! Impossible. I used a cotton/rayon jersey knit, which is one of the recommended fabrics.ย  I’m not going to stitch the cuff up, that would look weird and probably lose shape in the wash.

3- That’s not a U-neck!

I added a couple inches to the sleeve and just wear it as a pajama top ๐Ÿ™‚ And I don’t plan to sew this again. There are so many other choices for cute tee’s.


And now it’s time for a Jungle January alert! Coming soon…

Ciao! Coco

16 thoughts on “New Year and odd lots…

  1. Thanks, Patsijean. And I hope the driver doesn't actually get away with it ๐Ÿ™‚ She has to go to court on a first degree misdemeanor…


  2. Thanks, Andrea. Lengthening the tee would definitely help – I should have paid more attention and lengthened mine. How do you get your cuffs to stay up?

    I swung around Tampa on my way from Orlando to Ft. Myers, and waved at you ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Can't wait to see the Gypsy Jacket – I have the pattern, but gosh, so much fabric for her patterns. And I agree, it would make a VERY girly bed jacket – sometimes we need one.


  4. I think you're right, Valerie. Shortening the sleeves might improve this Morris. And I'll try long sleeves on my next one – which will be marigold yellow!


  5. I love your blazer and I think it suits you really well. Interesting about the HP top. I don't have that one but one that was released just before it but haven't tried it yet.


  6. Grrrr. So sorry to hear about your car. It is so frustrating when others don't follow the rules ๐Ÿ˜”

    Love your blazer – it looks great on you, and such a fabulous t-shirt for lounging in!


  7. Sorry about your car, but glad you are ok, friend. You know the HP Shirttail Tee – I loved my versions of it, however, I lengthened them. Doing a quick tissue fit, I knew I would want it longer, plus I have a longish torso. Also, I found this T to be pretty generously sized, so sized down. Your Morris blazer is really cute. That is one pattern that just hasn't pulled me enough to buy it! I tend to prefer a looser fit, like the previous jacket/top you just made.


  8. Glad you are ok after the car accident. Hope it all gets resolved so you aren't out too much.
    I quite like the little black jacket. Thanks for the heads on the HP pattern. Onward to better things for 2016.


  9. Oh car woes just stink! What a flipping bummer. I have the Morris Blazer pattern, but I'm just not in love enough with it to bother with right now. I'm working on that Tina Givens Gypsy jacket in leftover red linen. It also might make a very sweet bed jacket done in something more girly down the road.


  10. Too bad about your car. I like your Morris jacket and the sleeves look right especially for your climate but the Hot Patterns tee top is so not like the pattern envelope pic. Thanks for the alert! Karen


  11. Sorry about the car. Stuff like that is always unsettling. Re the Morris Blazer – it's had very mixed reviews. The sleeves do look they could go a touch longer – or maybe shorter to fix the proportions.


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