Vogue 9114 – Jungle January cheetah pants…

I guess I was born liking animal prints…here’s my mom in 1955, in zebra stripe pants that she made. She modeled in her twenties and was so lovely. What a figure she had! I wish she had kept her portfolio – we found only a few photos after she passed away.

My ‘abstract cheetah print’ pants are not as, hmmm, sexy as my mom’s, but they are super fun to wear. I used Kathryn Brenne’s V9114 pattern once again, my third pair. 
It’s really hard to see any details in the pics, because the spots just take over. In real life, the design elements are easier to see. The pocket is once again from V8712, Marcy Tilton’s ankle pants. I love it, because the pocket bag stays in place – no reaching or jamming of hands to straighten out the pocket. It installs just like a regular side seam pocket, once the half moon detail is sewn.
The fabric is cotton sateen from Fabric Mart. I think it looks like leopard spots…
And here are the wonderful upside down leg cuffs, all prepped for attachment. I used solid broadcloth lining on the cuffs and pockets because the cream areas of the main fabric are just light enough to allow show-through.  Peeking from the bottom casing is the 1/4″ elastic that I used instead of fabric ties. I find the elastic to be an easy-to-wear, no hassle alternative.
My first post of these pants has lots of construction and sewing notes.
Originally I added black cords to the ends of the cuff to mimic fabric ties. Then I cut them off! They were just a little much with all this animal stuff going on…
I tried to get a shot of the final cuff. No ties and tacked to the pant leg with a black button. Squint please…

I didn’t try to do any pattern matching on these britches! Fortunately the faint pattern repeat down the front and backs of the pants legs worked out…

And out in my jungle. We have wonderful sunshine and cool breezes today, after a couple weeks of rain. I’m not complaining – I love rain – but it is a pretty day. Eventually I’ll have the patio and walkway pressure-cleaned, a yearly maintenance requirement after the rainy season ends. I always notice it in my photos, a good reminder.
I hope you’re enjoying a nice weekend. Ciao! Coco

17 thoughts on “Vogue 9114 – Jungle January cheetah pants…

  1. You sewed so many gorgeous items for Jungle January! It's lovely to see this pattern made up – I think that you have convinced me to add it to my stash.
    And thanks so much for the time that you take to comment on my blog so regularly. I really do appreciate it, and I am always reading yours! I just need to do it on a computer more often instead of a phone, so that I can easily comment and let you know!


  2. The pants are great! Every time you make these up I think I really need to do the same with some white linen I have. Your Mom truly was a beauty–and a seamstress, too?! Thanks for sharing


  3. You get an “OHHHMY” today. Smart & FUN looking outfit. Thanks for sharing your mom with us, beautiful! You have inspired me to do a Jungle January top. I've signed up for my FIRST SewAlong with Christine Jonson to do the Cowl Neck Tunic, #e738. You have mentioned in the past about choosing a PDF pattern and this is that kind of pattern. It is all put together, I've taken measurements, and have my animal print poly/spandex fabric from JoAnn's that has been in my stash for about a year. Fine tuning the pattern and can start sewing this week. Don't have a blog yet to share photos, but I'm just getting up to speed sewing clothes again. THANKS for your inspiration and I look forward to your next project. Love your work, Coco.


  4. Your mom is really gorgeous! It's remarkable how much she resembles my mother in pictures from that time period – similar styles and figures.
    These pants are so nice on you, that you make me want to make them. I particularly like them paired with the black sweater. It's a great look on you!


  5. Your mom is a stunner and definitely has a gorgeous model's figure! Love your pants and you have opened my eyes to that pattern. I would love to know how tall you are because the proportions really seem to work well for you.


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