Grainline Studio Lark Tee – Cardigan version!

Cascade, waterfall – all those beautiful coats that have been popping up make me so jealous of people who actually have seasons. I want one! red or camel or black. With a scarf and gloves and slouchy knit hat. Can’t have everything, so I made a waterfall cardigan.

The Lark Tee

And I got so much help.

I’ve been lurking the Grainline Studio Lark Tee. It comes with four necklines – scoop, vee, crew, and boat neck. But it’s a tee. How many tee shirt patterns do I need?

Apparently one more 🙂 I convinced myself when I read Jen’s (free) tutorial on making a cardigan with the crew neck version of the Lark. I even had suitable fabric at hand, a Maggy London cotton/poly/lycra stripe from Fabric Mart. It’s been hanging out in my stash since last May, because the stripe is simply too small for a dress. But this cardigan is perfect – I had to buy the pattern.

Here’s Jen wearing her version:


The Lark Tee is long at 28″ or so, which I like since I don’t tuck my tops. For her cardigan, Jen took 2.5″ off the length of the tee. And I added 3″ to mine, because I like to cover my bum.
Here’s a look at the very simple redrafting of the crew neck pattern:


In typical Grainline Studio style, both the instruction booklet that comes with the Lark, and the tutorial for the cardigan, are beautifully done with clear illustrations and understandable directions.

I pretty much followed the directions, but I ran into difficulty when it came to hemming the neckline and front. The instructions are to turn in the edge 3/4″ and topstitch/coverstitch to finish. Aaack! A raw edge inside that would show outside in the cascade. Worse – I simply could not get the fabric to turn in 3/4″ around the tight curve at the shoulder seam/back neckline area.

So I fooled around with some scrap fabric, trying for a rolled hem finish. It was OK – but not the nice finish I like.

Finally my coffee kicked in (it was early this morning), and I remembered TwoToast’s Sunday blog post  in which  she describes how she finished the edges of her new cascade cardi. Lightbulb moment – what a great approach! I cut 1.5″ wide strips of rayon jersey, folded them in half wrong sides together, and attached them to the cardigan, pretty much the same way one would attach a band to a neckline. A little topstitching to keep the bands from rolling out, and done.

It’s a little hard to see on black, but here’s the outside and inside of part of the band. I really like the way this looks:

One note of caution: the sleeves are straight from the tee shirt pattern, so they are slim. I’m wearing a sleeveless Bantam vest under my cardi – I really couldn’t get it over a long-sleeved tee very comfortably. It would be easy, though, to widen the sleeve. Also, I sewed the size 10, which matches my measurements. I always cringe mentally when I go down a size, but the pattern is true to its size charts.

I’m glad I made this, it’s pretty neat. But I’m not sure it’s the best look for me. Maybe with a turtleneck. Or long hair. Or a long necklace. (Or a scarf, mittens, and a knit cap 🙂 But I scratched my itch to have a waterfall coat, and I still have a wonderful tee shirt pattern to play with in the future. I have another two yards of this fabric, so I’m thinking a crew-neck tee with a cuffed sleeve.

Bye for now! Coco

22 thoughts on “Grainline Studio Lark Tee – Cardigan version!

  1. It's a wonderful look on you! Try it with a higher neck or mock turtle neck black top underneath. Love, love, love.
    Hope you are doing well. Andrea xo


  2. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing as always. You did a beautiful job. I especially appreciate the detail you've given on finishing the edges. I will definetely come back to this post for reference.


  3. I think it looks great and with your colder weather now you're probably appreciating it more. Thanks for the heads up about making a tee into a waterfall cardi. I love the stripes. I love all things stripy but can't wear them myself due to migraine. It just sets my eyes a whizzing and I'm lost. But I yearn for stripes. I'm sure the leftover stripes will not be leftover for long.


  4. So-sew fun and enjoy your creativity to complete the band. Thanks for all the tips and now I know what I will do with the lime green rayon/lycra that has been waiting in the wings for over a year.


  5. This is a great looking cardi on you!!!Thanks for reviewing here and on PR. What a nice tutorial for the change to the tee pattern. I like the black trim, nice design touch.


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