Saturday socks…

Saturday morning – my favorite day and favorite time. Even though I’m retired, and my days are pretty unstructured, Saturday still feels special.

I’ve been straightening up my space on the sofa (the mini loft) and cleaning up my file folders on my PC. They both get out of hand so quickly!

I discovered that I never followed up on my references to my sock adventures. So – I better do it now, before it’s so hot outside that no one will believe that I’m knitting socks 🙂

I never thought I’d be able to knit a sock – those little sticks double-point needles (DPN’s) are pretty intimidating to someone who knits with needle sizes 6,7, and 8 most of the time, on straight or circular needles. And I’ve always avoided DPN’s anyway, except to finish the top of a hat or knit a thumb on a mitten, because I felt like I had 5 thumbs.

I tried three different methods for knitting my socks – magic loop, two circular needles, and DPNs. And I found that I couldn’t stand the loops and fussiness of the first two approaches. I also had trouble controlling the ‘laddering’ that they encourage.

What a surprise to find that the small size DPN’s are easy to use! I’ve been using sizes 2 and 3 in Clover bamboo needles, and I love that the yarn stays in place on these things. I’m in control! my favorite state.  Guess I’m a DPN person after all.

On to  my FO’s! Here are two socks, both knitted toe-up with Fleegle heels. Sorry, they don’t have mates, so technically they’re UFO’s.

This is Paton Kroy sock yarn, a mix of wool and nylon. I really like the self-striping yarns, as on the left one, because I feel like I’m making progress when I’m working 6″ of plain old stockenette stitch… the sock on the right was pretty boring by comparison.

No point in telling me I could do a pattern to stave off the boredom of the yarn. I just don’t enjoy doing it – how can my mind and eyes multi-task if I’m counting stitches and juggling stitch holders.

More socks, and these are my favorites, also in a Paton Kroy yarn:

Toe-up tube socks! No heel and they work up so quickly with the striping. They also fit well. Another plus: I don’t need a bunch of measurements to knit a sock for someone else.

Heels and toes – everyone has a preferred method. When I started my sock journey, I taught myself to do both toe-up and top-down socks. And I found everything I needed in online tutorials.  Heels – gusset, short-row, slip-stitched, Fleegle. And toes – the Kitchner stitch for closing a top-down sock and a provisional cast-on for a toe-up sock.

I am a very thorough person, even when it’s socks.

I settled on toe-up socks, because I really like the clean look and nice fit of the toe box. I use the provisional cast-on, which is easy-peasy after a little practice.

And I love the fit and appearance of a Fleegle heel – no gaps!

I’ll admit that the striped tube socks are the only pair I’ve finished. I knitted about 10 others, in a variety of yarns and needle sizes, while learning and getting comfortable – but they are all singletons.

Parting shot: I wish I could get one of Ms. Squirrel’s two new juvies. She’s been bringing them over for water and black sunflower seeds. They’re very young and not very coordinated yet, likely between 8 and 10 weeks old – so they leap and hang off the branches of the guava tree like little monkeys or flying bats. She’s just tired!

Hoping everyone has a nice weekend – Coco

12 thoughts on “Saturday socks…

  1. One day I might be brave enough to try to knit socks just to prove to myself that I can do it…one day.
    But well done you. I even like your mismatched socks!


  2. What fun! I'm a sock knitter, tho I've slowed down because of wrist issues in the past couple of years. I found the only way to defeat “Single Sock Syndrome” was to have two sets of dpn's and what I do on one set, I do on the other. I like knitting top down, so I do a cuff, then the other. Then the pattern on the leg, then the other, and on down to the toe eventually. I also love putting a braid at the top which screams “Yes! these are hand wrought!” What machine could knit a braid?

    I've been so enjoying your blog for the past year or so. I'm a northerner (thus the wool sox), but my youngest son currently a Floridian. I dream…. In fact, DH is on his flight back from there tonight; I had to stay behind because of too much election work and a visit to my ailing mother was required.

    I l-o-v-e your “Love dress”! and am considering adding that to my wardrobe (looking to retire within the next couple of years).

    OK Think about the two sets of dpn's! and keep posting about your every project!


  3. Thanks, Martha. What, no new hobby looming? I used to do so many different things that I made myself a little nutsy – and my loft was unbearably full of stuff!


  4. FUN! You are having fun making socks, I'm having fun reading your blog. I can tell you are really enjoying your socks and this was a refreshing post just to see what you are doing. HAPPY EASTER.


  5. These are the sweetest socks! The self striping yarn is such a cool trick, and the result looks great. I also like the muted tones of the right foot sock.


  6. I just knew that we were twins separated at birth! I've been sock knitting this last week as well. I'm a magic loop, top down, two at a time, kind of girl – no singles for me! Love the yarn you have used – I love the self patterning yarn and I make no attempt whatsoever to match them up! Having said that, I picked up some yarn this week that is on the needles called Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect. It knits up so you have a striped cuff and plain feet – and both socks match. How novel! I look forward to seeing more of your socks!


  7. The first thing I learned to knit was socks with dpns. A friend was teaching other ladies how to knit so I just joined in. I thought I was going to go crazy!!, BUT, once I got the hang of it–I now love knitting with the little dpns. I tried the magic loop once and hated it. So it's dpns for me OR I found some 9″ circulars and I've used them some.


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