Re-purposing a Tessuti Mandy Tee…

A short Saturday post to share a ‘save’…

When I was on my Tessuti Mandy Tee kick back in March, I made one that didn’t work out at all. The problem was that the fabric – a white cotton spandex – was just too thick. And being solid white, the tee was overwhelming – I looked like I was being worn, not the other way around.

No pics of that, it was just not a good moment. And I tossed the tee in the bin by my sewing table.

I do that a lot! and then retrieve the offending garment later. So I pulled out the tee, pulled off all the loose threads, and hung it up to age.

Earlier this week I had one of those great ah-ha moments – how about cropping it?

I’ve had an ongoing issue with my knit maxi skirts, because I haven’t found a good top for them. I’ve even considered letting them go. I looked at lots of ideas on Pinterest, but they really came down to just a few approaches: A slim tank top, worn out or in, a short chunky sweater, and/or a jeans jacket. I don’t do any of that…but this works great.

I cut the front to fall just below my waist and drew a lower hem in the back. The width of the Mandy gives it a nice swing. Pretty neat.

Upper left side, my vanda orchid is blooming!
Other happenings…I was distressed to find a duck egg partly buried in my front yard late yesterday, along with the likely digging tool.  
While my house is just a hop and a skip from a lake full of ducks and turtles and various other water creatures, they don’t usually nest in my yard, much less in the middle of the lawn. And we don’t have foxes (which will carry and bury an egg for later retrieval). I’m sure someone took it from a nest, felt bad about it, and tried to bury the evidence. I checked online, there was nothing I could do to save it. 
More cheerful, here’s a pic of one of the turtles, a Florida soft-shell. She was huge – about 4 feet from her nose to the back of her shell. While she crossed the street from one lake to the next, I had time to get my camera from the house and still return in time to take her photo. Lovely lady. 
I hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend – bye for now! Coco

22 thoughts on “Re-purposing a Tessuti Mandy Tee…

  1. Hi Coco
    I found your blog whilst googling reviews for the IKEA sewing machine, I know this is a bit off subject, But do you still use yours and still pleased with it ??
    I need to buy a machine quick and inexpensive as my daughter dropped mine the damage will cost more to repair than the machine is worth.
    I am considering the IKEA machine but worried I will then be tied to IKEA for all accessories such as foot types etc. Really would appreciate some info, sorry for going off topic, I must say though I love your cropped tee, maybe I will make myself one on my new machine. Also pleased to have found an interesting blog to follow.


  2. That top looks great and I'm crazy for the skirt print… I am a print girl 🙂 I've been sewing up a ton of basic tops and leggings lately. They are KEY to a wearable wardrobe. I love the turtle!!! 🙂


  3. Coco, I love hwat you did with the tee! I never liked the Mandy on me – not sure exactly why. It's a shame I passed my version along when I realised I wouldn't wear it, because I adore your save and think it would have made it the tee I wanted to wear. Genius!


  4. I have never seen a turtle that big-thanks so much. Your save on the top is terrific and I think it will look nice with palazzo pants or plain wide legged pants. Very elegant!


  5. What a great save and I'm glad it goes with your maxi skirt. I also like that sleeve length, I was thinking of making my next Scout tee with sleeves like that.


  6. Thanks, Valerie. It's amazing what's out there…and I don't roam as much now as I used to (not allowed in the sun, what a bummer, there's so much to see).


  7. Thanks so much, Loretta – you made my day 🙂 After I retired in early 2009, I felt like I had nothing to wear! Start a piggy bank now…


  8. You've been busy! and what a nice aunt. I've looked at actual crop patterns as well, for ideas. E.g., the Inari Tee and the Scout Tee (shortened a little bit). Won't buy them (well, I have the Scout) because I can just alter something else. But fun to look.


  9. Great save on the top–looks super with the maxi. Since February, I've made FIVE maxi skirts for a niece. Will show her your new top and see if she likes it. Might need to make five of 'em!


  10. Yes, I am a woman of a certain age who feels some of the tighter tank top looks no longer work for me with long skirts. A crop top is a look that is more appropriate IMO. You managed to once again, pull it off, casual yet elegant. You are always so inspiring! When I retire in 2 years, I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!


  11. Awesome turtle! I haven't seen that big a fresh water turtle in a long time. And the last one was a snapper. Great save on the T it looks just right with a maxi skirt. I bet it would look cute with a pair of skinny jeans too.


  12. This is just right for you maxi skirt! I'm thinking this would also be great with wide-leg pants. I love the idea of wide-leg pants – love this idea to pair with them as well.


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