Beating the heat…

Summertime…and we’re well into the rainy season. The humidity was 94% when I took these pics. That’s really muggy, almost raining, and it does rain off and on every day. We get little storms that come and go in 30 minutes, like this one that came in off the ocean. It’s great for the garden, and I don’t mind getting caught in a shower – I’m pretty drip-dry.

So – summer sewing. And this year it’s sleeveless for the first time in over 2 years. This is very exciting for me – it means the inflammation in my arms is diminishing. Any chronic disorder takes an emotional toll, as many of you know, and small victories really matter. For me this is huge!

Good reason to pull out this cotton shirting that I’ve been hoarding for several months. It’s one of my very favorite tropical prints, and I wanted to use it for something I can really enjoy.

Fabric – Hibiscus Lily Tropical Shirting, JoAnns

The pattern is a mash-up that I’ve been using for a while: a cropped bodice with bust darts, a raised waistband, and a gathered skirt. My pattern is drafted for use with sleeves, but reshaping them was easy once I had the bodice sewn together. I use a very scientific method of standing in front of the mirror with tailor’s chalk and marking some trim lines. Several times, because it’s better to take off too little than too much!

Looking back, I think I could have used the Tiny Pocket Tee from Grainline Studio as a starting point – it’s a basic tank style with bust darts.

The fun part is big ole patch pockets, centered across the side seams. I love them! they’reΒ right there – a natural place for my hands to go. No dangling inside pocket. And I don’t think they look at all frumpy on this print.

I have these little drugstore sun hats in just about every color πŸ™‚ They’re perfect for short hair.

And I did get chased inside by the rain.

Parting thought…

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe week – Coco

41 thoughts on “Beating the heat…

  1. Thank you, Lynn! I agree – it's light, it doesn't cling to my legs like pants do, and because it's long, I don't get stuck to a chair – that's the one thing I dislike about shorts and short dresses πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks, Valerie. BTW, I'm enjoying your photo blog so much. I keep trying to comment, but the server doesn't like me for some reason. Wonderful pics and I love wandering around your city with you.


  3. Thank you, Diana. I'm crazy for these pockets, my version of a Dottie dress πŸ™‚ And going sleeveless just feels wonderful.


  4. Thank you! I was so curious about the weather, these little rain showers move in and out so quickly. Fun to watch on Weather Underground.


  5. A wonderful dress and so right for a hot climate. I really love the pockets and have to use that idea. Congrats on your improvement health wise. Sleeveless is so necessary in hot weather so I feel your joy!


  6. Good for you and little victories like sleeveless – this will be my first summer wearing sleeveless too. I'm still a bit self-conscious about it but then actually realise that no-one is looking at me and so what if they do?
    It looks like you need a raincoat not a cardigan over that summery dress.


  7. The sleeveless looks great! and I love these colors on you as well. They must make you feel a degree or two cooler down there in FLA. Wonderful results!


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