McCalls 6291 Not-so-short shorts…

Oh boy, did I ever need some shorts! 

Have you noticed how hot it is in the States this summer? I say that every year. But it’s truly hot and humid now in Florida, and these new shorts will be in rotation for at least 4 more months.

I stayed with my favorite shorts pattern, McCalls 6291 (original post is here). I’ve made the pants several times as well, here and here. They’re all just so comfortable and always look nice. Big plus features: front pleats, an elastic waist, and nice deep pockets.

The shorts have only one modification, to lengthen them and widen the legs – a very easy change. And I didn’t use the cargo pockets, although I think they would be cute on khaki or denim.

I pulled up my shirt just to show the pleats and pockets. And actually, these shorts look great with a tucked-in shirt. But I know I won’t do it – having the shirt loose is so comfy and cool. 

Not stopping with one pair, I made them in white as well. 

Both shirts are modified Grainline Studio Alder’s, blogged here

A few sewing notes:

  • Sewed size Medium.
  • The fabric for both is 55/45 linen/rayon blend from JoAnns (Sew Classic Linen Look Solid), prepped with 3 passes thru the washer and dryer before I used it. This fabric is a favorite with me – I’ve used probably 8 times for pants and shorts.
  • I used a 2″ hem, just because I love the look of a deep hem. 
  • The finished outseam is 21″, and the inseam is 9.5″. Walking shorts!
  • The finished waistband is about  wide, with 1″ wide knit elastic. Finishing touches: topstitching 1/4″ from the top edge, one row of triple-stitch zig-zag to keep the elastic from rolling,

  • And lots of serging to ensure a nice clean finish on the inside…

Parting shot from the garden this morning: Here’s a little orange Julia (Dryas iulia), a true Floridian, but perhaps seen in south Texas. Her wingspan is about 3″, and she only lives about 2 weeks as a butterfly – but she spends that time zipping around. She’s known as a fast flyer…

 Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend! Coco

15 thoughts on “McCalls 6291 Not-so-short shorts…

  1. Thanks, Bev! I've been wanting to go gray for a while, it just took some gumption! To start I cut it really really short and got the dark dye out with a non-bleach, non-ammonia process. Now it's about half and half, white and very light blonde. The hard part is over!


  2. Thanks so much! I admit that the details of sewing – finish, seaming, etc. – are the parts I enjoy most. I never mind working with a pattern, redrafting, measuring, taping, etc. But I don't like to just drape fabric on my dressform and mess with it! Good thing we can choose to do whatever floats our boats as sewists…


  3. thanks, Summer! I just found your blog, oh, I really like the things you sew, your style. Great patterns – I should shop online more for 'vintage' patterns that have more updated and wearable styles. Looking forward to reading your posts!


  4. Thank you, Margene! and you saw it – I did put on makeup, and I'm letting my hair go its natural gray. Which I love now that I'm committed to it and the dark ends are gone. And – I like JoAnns and shop the stores when I can handle the walking, and shop online even more. Seeing their fabrics in person really helps, because I know more of what to expect when I shop online. Hope your shorts work well – let me know if any questions! happy to help…


  5. Oh, what a nice compliment, Martha! I did feel challenged a bit – reluctance to show my venerably aged legs and a penchant for comfort!


  6. Hi Coco, you look absolutely smashing in your outfits, makeup, hair color. I always like the info you share and using linen/cotton fabric for the shorts is a terrific idea. I live in a small town and JoAnn's is the only fabric store in town except for some quilt shops. I'm going to give this fabric a try and attempt to duplicate the style of your shorts. THANK YOU and have a wonderful weekend.


  7. These are absolutely the best shorts I've seen in a long time. We all need shorts when it is hot and humid but I struggle to create the right silhouette, while still focusing on comfort. You've done so and you still look chic. Nice work!


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