Sunday small projects…

Mr. Lizard was out and about early this morning, king of the garden. He looks so feisty!

This has been a fun day – I’ve pulled out, started, and messed around with four different projects. Completion was not a goal…

But it’s been so pleasant. I’ve had the Olympics on the TV all day, and we’ve had thunder storms all afternoon. Very cozy.

So – components of the mess in my living room at the moment!

I decided to sacrifice my lawn Willow tank and try out my new T-Shirt Graffiti pens. I’m using part of a print from Alexander Henry’s Dia de la Catrina fabric. I just downloaded a pic, selected the section I wanted, and used special effects in Paint to accent the lines. Then I printed it and slipped it inside my tank. Oh, and there’s a piece of cardboard in there, too, to guard against bleed-through. The lawn fabric is sheer enough to make the tracing pretty easy – I used a Frixion pen, just in case I wanted to remove any of the drawing.

The printout…

Using the Graffiti pens has been interesting. I’m not doing a great job, but I’ve learned a lot. And when I’m done, I’ll follow the directions for setting the colors and washing the tank – that’s the real test! If the ink doesn’t run and stays intense, I think I’ll look for pens in other colors – these primary colors are not really my thing. But neat, huh?

I also designed and printed some ‘business’ cards. Finally. It’s really flattering when someone asks about something I’m wearing, chats with me, and asks if I have a card. Particularly when I’m in fabric or craft stores. I’ve been embarrassed to say ‘no’ and just scribble something on a scrap of paper.

The pic is also from Alexander Henry fabric, the La Strada fabric. It’s the same one I use on my blog, just a different section of the print.

And I’ve been making more looper bracelets for David. He has broken a bunch of them – we figured out its the salt in his pool and in the ocean (the loops are silicone). Football season is around the corner, and he really wanted the Florida Gator version. Gosh, it made me feel so good when he asked for more.

Not done yet – I purchased McCalls 7381 from I just love that they have so many patterns available as download PDFs. They’re inexpensive and instant gratification when I get a hankering to make something. OK, I enjoy the trimming and taping, it’s so mindless 🙂

Parting shot: Here’s my girl at the San Diego Comic Con, with her Walking Dead sling bag in action!

Bye for now – Coco

7 thoughts on “Sunday small projects…

  1. LOL – but theses don't bleed at all unless I absolutely insist on going over something too much, instead of waiting a bit. Unlike Micro and similar permanent pens, which I've found so easily. I've finished it! and will post it soon. Fun.


  2. Oh fun pens. I'm going to waiting for the final verdict. I would love something to be able to free hand with. Do theses show a lot of fabric bleed? Great cards. How clever of you!


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