Vogue 8810 shirtdress and the endless summer…

It’s almost fall and even I dream of autumn and those wonderful garment options that come with it. But I love Florida, and I’m content to sew for the climate. I will wear this cute dress all year ’round.

Yes, it’s another maxi. But just pretend that it’s short, if that’s your thing 🙂 My first version of V8810 was short, but not worn a lot. For couple years I sewed things that interested me, but didn’t particularly suit my lifestyle or needs. Since then I’ve become attached to maxi dresses – coverage, comfort, and a tropical vibe.

This pattern has lots of options – and a very pretty neckline that’s a nice alternative to the collared look:

Butterfly on my shoulder…

I didn’t use any of the skirt options – the full skirt is a 3/4 circle, just impossible when taken to a maxi length. And I don’t do straight skirts! Instead, I used the skirt from the M6552 caftan dress. It’s a slightly gathered A-line and fits this Vogue pattern, and me, really well.

A back view, slightly blurred because I had my camera set to take multiple shots. Not being a model, I moved…

Aside from the skirt replacement, I really didn’t make a lot of changes. Mostly tweaks:

  • The armhole has facings, but I opted for self-fabric bias binding. I think it works and looks better.
  • As I noted in my first version, the shoulder on the pattern flies out and up a little bit. It’s easy to correct once the bodice is put together at sides and shoulders.

From the pattern envelope

  • The dress is drafted with a blouson bodice. But that only works if the waist is pulled in enough to make it blouse. No way is this girl going to cinch in anything! Easily adjusted – I just took 5/8″ off the length of the bodice – no extra fabric, no blousing…
  • And being picky – I used a large snap inside the front band, at the waistline, instead of a button.

Speaking of buttons, I used 12 on this dress! And once again, I have to mention my addiction to Frixion pens. I can write all over my garment (in this case, the front band when marking buttonholes), and the ink disappears if my iron gets anywhere close.

Twelve buttons were enough – I left a little interest at the bottom of the dress 🙂

Fabric:  Susan Winget Botanical Buzz Butterfly Verbage [siccotton calico from JoAnns

Parting shot: An indulgence I’d rather have than ice cream – passion fruit (maracuya) preserves on homemade biscuits.

Tchau! Coco

19 thoughts on “Vogue 8810 shirtdress and the endless summer…

  1. Cute dress. I love those frixion pens too but be careful as they left white bleach-like marks when I marked the front fly on a pair of cotton sateen pants. I think I'm also the only person alive who can't get washable crayola markers to wash out. It's a real pain as I don't have the patience for thread tracing.


  2. The fabric so wonderful, I can't believe it's from Joann's! It really does look cool and comfortable on. mmmm, those biscuits…


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