The baggy pants pursuit…

Loose-leg pants – I love them. Recently I was cruising PInterest and came across this pic from I think these chino pants and cropped top are a fantastic look for fall/winter. And they’re perfect for Florida. So I was off and running, once again, looking for a baggy pants pattern.

I have lots of patterns in my stash that I’ve tried: zippered (the Merchant & Mills Strides, Vogue 8836 trousers) and elastic waist ( Vogue 8584 and a bunch more). Vogue 8584 was my go-to for several years, but I’ve pretty much trashed the tissue with so many re-makes.

New is good…

PInterest is great for zeroing in on styles and approaches. Here are few pics that I captured for inspiration:

Vivid Linen

Eileen Fisher

Vivid Linen

Vivid Linen

Tessuti Margot Pants

And I found this pattern from Tessuti, the Margot Pant. It has interesting hem details, but I cannot find a review of it anywhere (other than Tessuti). My experience with their drafting has been disappointing, so I’m not buying this one, but I might copy the hems 🙂

Moving on. I found the Daisy Designer Pants and Tunic on Style Arc, a two-fer that suits my budget and appeals to my style preferences. Oh boy!

I had the digital pattern purchased, printed, and taped by bedtime last night. Well, the pants, not the tunic – that’s for later. And I worked on the flat measurements and drafting adjustments this morning. I had tissue by noon!

Fabric beckons. I’m not an impatient person, but I’m looking forward to making the pants in this pretty linen/cotton blend from Robert Kaufman. I’ve been in the mood for green for weeks, so twist my arm, Craftsy…

Or this bull denim from, in my stash for a couple years:

For sure I won’t sew them in chino or khaki – I’m not a fan. Of course, working in Latin America for 30 years, I almost always had a suit in this color family. But they were stripes, jacquard, anything but plain…

With Ashley, 1982
So the weekend beckons, with lots of sewing planned. And I’m grateful. 

My thoughts are with all the folks being impacted by Mother Nature’s many challenges.
Bye for now – Coco

17 thoughts on “The baggy pants pursuit…

  1. If you go the way of plinka pants, know that they are sized very large, like veerry large. And of course, the instructions don' always make sense. But that's mostly the area around the ruffles, which can always be modified or eliminated. Otherwise, why not give it a go. I've made 'em. My other favs are/ were Marcy Tilton's V8499, also running very large. Have fun.


  2. Oh, V9193 – I'm looking forward to seeing yours! Are you going to do the back yoke or redraft without it (since it gets covered up)? And the top – planned? Some nice pics of these pieces on Tilton's blog…


  3. Hello, my friend! I am emerging from under my rock, and so happy to see you working on a wide legged pant. Can't wait to see these on you, they will suit you well. Hope you are well. We must catch up soon. ��


  4. When I was still teaching(in the '80s!!) I made a pair of wide-ish cropped pants just like these,in a denim toned light cotton.I paired them with a cropped,cut-on short sleeved top in a toning pattern.Of all the 1000s of clothing items I've made over the years, these are the ones I ALWAYS remember.(Could also have something to do with the fact that I was 30+ years younger and XX sizes smaller too…. 😦 )


  5. Hi! Hmmm – I think my denim is a little heavier (10 oz) than Amy Barickman's Crossroads on IJunction, but both are from James Thompson & Co – her fabric is labelled as 'Amy Barickman for James Thompson' in other online shops. Interesting!

    OK, kicking myself a little bit. I have the Phoebe pants pattern, haven't made it, and didn't even think of it!


  6. I love the eye candy. I have some loose linen pants ( bought ) that are fab for our summers. Looking forward to seeing your outfit. Thanks for your comment. I have never sewn pockets like that before- but they were easy to do.


  7. What a nice selection of patterns. I have a couple of TNT's that I can pretty much do whatever I want detail wise. I have to say though, those Phoebe pants right now are my fav's. I also have the Daisy Designer pack hard copy from Amazon, so I'm looking forward to your take on them.
    Fun fabrics! Is that the Crossroads denim sold on Indygo Junction website?


  8. Oooo, I love all these patterns and I love baggy pants. Unfortunately I'm neither tall nor slim, so I rather resemble a balloon in outfits such as these. But I can't wait to see what you turn out next. And by the way, your maxi in the previous post is absolutely beautiful!


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