Style Arc Daisy Tunic…

The rain has let up just long enough for me to take some pics in the garden. I may look cool and fresh in these photos, but, au contraire…

The lens on my camera kept fogging up!

And  the outfit. I recently purchased the Daisy Designer two-fer from Style Arc’s Etsy shop. I was after a baggy-leg pants pattern, but this bundle was a good buy for only a couple dollars more.

Small whinge session:
Style Arc drives me nuts with their sizing. The only finished garment measurements they provide are for their size 10.  Umm. What is that 10? US, RTW, European, AU, equator… I’ve no idea. Their only helpful hint is that they use a 2″ circumference grade from size to size. Useless, and it has kept me away from most of their expensive patterns.

No numbers on the pattern pieces. Come on…

And typically, they’re big on drawings and short on pics of their garments on real human beings. They’re not alone – Hot Patterns is rather famous for this lazy marketing. I admit I always feel a bit like a sucker when I buy from either of them…because I know that what you see is not what you get.

None of that was intended to offend any Style Arc or Hot Pattern aficionados – just my experience.
Let’s look at pictures!
Pants: Love Notions Sabrina Slims
I added the pockets to provide a little interest to the front of the tunic. They’re not really meant to be used, as I place them up pretty high. And I do not carry a phone in my pockets!
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Cambridge Lawn, from Craftsy
There’s something so liberating about writing all over one’s fabric.
I opted not to use the hem bands on the pattern – having looked at the drafting, I doubted that the finishing at the point of the hem would make me happy. Instead, I added 3″ at the lengthen/shorten line on the pattern and used a simple folded hem.
Tip: Finish the hem before sewing the side seams.
And a sneak peek at my muslin of the Daisy pants (WIP)…
So, bottom line: I’m kind of meh about the tunic. It’s too big across my upper chest, not really loosey-goosey in the skirt, and pretty shapeless in between (that drawing thing again). I know I won’t make it again without some serious redrafting. Yep, it will hit the pajama department after I crop it a bit.
Parting shot: beadwork therapy while watching tennis yesterday…
Ciao! Coco

15 thoughts on “Style Arc Daisy Tunic…

  1. I love the line drawings as well and admire you for giving them a try but their sizing does put me off. Sure wish they would have real people pics, not celebrity inspirations. I bet the linen feels wonderful in the summer heat. Hot and humid up here today so linen sounds wonderful.


  2. The pockets on the pants are pretty wonky anyway! Interesting you found the crotch to be short as well. I added over 4″, split front and back. That's a lot!


  3. LOL – swanning is one of my best talents! I love my little garden. Hard to believe that it was wiped completely bare by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Things grow here!


  4. I made the trousers in linene – it was a bit of a faff lengthening them because of the facing, I got the pockets wonky to begin with and also sewed the facing on to the right side rather than the wrong side (I called that a design feature!). The crotch was way too short but got round that by adding a waistband. After all that they turned out great and I got lots of complements when I wore them.


  5. Wow, it looks like you're swanning around on a tropical island. Well, it is Florida, isn't it? And wearing cool cotton attire. The angular sides of the top is a nice treat. Never have tried the Style Arc patterns, not enough info for me to have a go.


  6. So welcome! and the directions are very sparse. They rate this as medium difficulty (easy, medium, challenging, experienced sewer), and it's true it's not a hard pattern. With a couple pics and a little help for beginning sewists, it could be called easy.


  7. Hi! I did cut the front and back on the fold, instead of using a seam, since it's a muslin – and those seams don't have any shaping. I think they would actually add some interest in solid colors.


  8. I believe Style Arc was originally based on Aussie RTW and find this is true of their pants but their tops are all over the place.. I've had mixed success. Also I've had endless problems with their actual website to the point that I avoid them altogether which is a shame as their 'Elle' pants are my daughter's favourite pattern.


  9. I really like your version of that, and I wasn't drawn to the original pattern at all. Did you eliminate a CF seam? And the pockets are great.

    FWIW I always thought StyleArc sizing was UK/Aussie RTW sizing, which in turn is about the same as US pattern sizes, maybe one size larger. I usually make a 10 in Big Four (according to the charts I should make a 12 but I don't like lots of ease) and also a 10 in StyleArc.


  10. I've been eyeing this pattern too, but have had many of the same concerns as you. How would I pick the size? I'm no where near a 10! And no one seems to do the hem as drafted, plus I've heard the directions leave a lot to be desired. So maybe it's a pass. Thanks for sharing!


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