McCalls 6987 – just had to try this…

This little adventure has taken most of my time for a week!
I’ve really enjoyed the tunic version of this pattern, and I’ve been so curious about the longer view. Earlier this week Birdybooo posted a darling version on Pattern Review. Which led me to Fabricsofcolor’s wonderful version in an African waxed fabric.  Such inspiration!
This rayon challis from Girl Charlee has been hanging around in my stash since last October. I haven’t used it because I knew that the pattern matching would be a beast. Sure enough, this thing kept me so busy. I drafted full pattern pieces so that I could lay them out flat (rather than on the fold) and have more control over the fabric and print. Challis is so shifty! I was pinning it to itself, the tissue, and my cutting board. Five hours to draft and cut…
The only change I made was to lift the back aspect by about 3″. I just knew I wouldn’t want quite so much ‘hi-lo’. And I used the sleeves from the tunic, View A – they’re really interesting and fun to wear.

 Check out all that pattern matching. The print has about a hundred things going on. Patting myself on the back…

So – one more pic of this version, in the light of day. I think this dress is unique and interesting. It just doesn’t make my heart sing, which means I wouldn’t wear it.

However, I knew going in that I could always chop it and make it into the tunic. It was super easy to do, and I like the result.

I’m glad it’s finished! but looking forward to wearing it. Challis is a perfect fabric for Florida, and these colors just say autumn.

So, it’s almost the weekend. I like a weekend project, it just feels right, and I’ve decided to give StyleArc a reprieve 🙂 In progress today – the Stevie boyfriend jean jacket. The one that the clothingengineer made for her mom snagged me!

Parting shot: how about a toad in a frog pond. This big guy has been spending all his time in this bird bath, making an awful mess and keeping the doves away. He’s cute, but not a good housekeeper. So I emptied it. A few holes in the bottom, and it will be a cute flower pot.

Hope the weekend is nice for all – Bye for now. Coco

16 thoughts on “McCalls 6987 – just had to try this…

  1. Thanks, Ruth. And the colors – my gray has impacted my perception of color choices! But this fabric was pre-gray, so it's good to have visual confirmation that I don't have to wear all pastels in my dotage 🙂


  2. Ooh, I rather like this pattern. Definitely 'my style'. I would probably have overlooked it due to the gathers, but made up it looks great! Thanks for showing us how good it can look!


  3. Thank you, Catherine. If I were still wearing 'short' dresses, I think I'd like it the way fabricsofcolor did it, a big print with more body in the fabric. And if I were a Lagenlook devotee (love it on others, very appealing), I'd do it in linen over funky pants. But I'm happy with the tunic. It shows the print to best advantage, I think.


  4. thanks, Valerie. And my thoughts exactly. The front was disturbing. Big black bow…LOL. Those toads – I have so many this year, it has been so rainy, and my garden is so peaceful, I think they've told all their friends about it.


  5. Five hours to cut out, goodness! It is a lovely fabric though. I agree the proportions on the tunic version are better – so glad you got something you enjoy wearing after all that hard work!


  6. I love it as a tunic. The dress needed something down the centre, say a placket or a big black ribbon bow, to balance out the width and length (IMHO).p.s your toad reminds me of the introduced Hawaiian cane toads that used to grow to dinner plate size when I lived in the tropics here…they tend to take over everything!


  7. Oh no, I absolutely luved it on you as a dress! Everything about it was fabulous, and especially how you dealt with the print. I'd certainly wear it in a heartbeat. The tunic is fine too seeing that you're more comfortable in it. But I say do another dress, by golly! I have that pattern too, by the way.


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