StyleArc Stevie Jean Jacket – a keeper!

What a fun project! I’ve been looking for an oversized jean jacket pattern for ages. One that looks like it was purchased in the men’s department. Know what I mean?

In my wildest dreams, I never thought StyleArc would come up with one. But recently, clothingengineer posted a super cute version on Pattern Review, actually the first review of the pattern. I’ve no idea when StyleArc released it, but I took a look at it right away.

And lucky me, I just happened to have a bunch of wildly green 8.5 oz bull denim just waiting for its turn.

My relationship with StyleArc patterns has been so iffy, more disappointment than success. After my recent Designer Daisy wadders projects, I had no plans to even think about StyleArc patterns. But I have to hand to them on this one. It’s a great pattern that delivers the promised boyfriend jacket look.

I really wanted my jacket to mimic the classic jean jacket style, so I did a bunch of looking around on the web – Levi, Wrangler, and Lee. And I checked with one of my favorite fabric/sewing databases, just to be sure I handled the denim in a classic way as well. I don’t remember how I originally found the ‘Historical Materials from the University of Nebraska‘ site, but it’s a absolute gem.

Some sewing notes:
  • I sewed the size 10, and it’s a great fit.
  • No welt pockets, just because I don’t like pocket bags inside short jackets. I thought about adding a faux welt, and I still might, on a rainy boredom-filled day…
  • My upper/flap pockets are faux – I didn’t use the pocket bag at all. I’m not going to use it these pockets, and I didn’t want all the extra fabric in the yoke seam.
  • My only whinge on this pattern is the seam allowance. It’s 3/8″ everywhere, but the neckline/collar, which is mere 1/4″! But I used the PDF pattern and simply drafted the entire thing with a 1/2″ seam allowance. I cannot imagine working all these small pattern pieces, most of which are meant to have a felled finish of some kind, with less than 1/2″ in play.
  • I wanted to keep the jacket loose and supple, so I serged all my seam edges and used a faux-fell finish.
  • I love all the topstitching! and used regular sewing thread for mine. I’m just not a fan of the thicker topstitching thread that’s available.
  • In a deviation from the sewing instructions, I sewed my pocket on top of the bodice, rather than behind it. The difference? The Wrangler jean jacket has it on top, while the Levi trucker jean jacket has it behind, as below. Choices!
And mine, with my first set of buttons. I later changed these to some nice nickel buttons from Holly Lobby.
I love it, and I’m working on a second one in marigold – got to keep those tropical colors coming.
Parting shot: 
Tomorrow I’m off to Ft. Myers to kitty-sit while Ashley and Darrin go to Salem, MA, for their annual Halloween fest. And I’ll get to meet two newbies that they recently brought home from the shelter. Willow and Thor! A total of 4 now – I’m dosing myself with Claritin 🙂
Ciao! Coco

14 thoughts on “StyleArc Stevie Jean Jacket – a keeper!

  1. Wow, that really does look great on you, Coco. The color especially. Glad to see you've weathered the storm successfully. And hopefully your garden did too. I'm working on a faux moto jacket at the moment. But your masterpiece is making me think of jean jacket now…


  2. That jacket is so fabulous. I love the color. And marigold should be great as well. I cant wear either of these colors so naturally I am drawn to them and wish that I could.


  3. Coco, I love this jacket!!! That green is one of my favorite colors! I may have to copy your jacket as I love this style in this color. I have some red denim that I had planned to sew a jean jacket a year or more ago; and several jean jacket patterns, not Style Arc. Like you I am a little iffy with their patterns, mainly because I just can't seem to determine the right size to use.

    Look forward to seeing your marigold jacket as well.


  4. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much – and you really hit the spot on the hair thing. I find myself wanting to wear blue for the first time in my life. I've never liked it before, not even navy blue. And sometimes I find myself re-thinking something in my closet. I think it will make a difference over time, but will also be a great excuse to BUY MORE FABRIC!!! 🙂


  5. I have been thinking about a jeans jacket for some time. I never had one when I was young even though I loved James Dean and the look and you certainly show that you can rock that jacket at any age. BTW after being unsure about your change of hair colour I am now convinced, it really suits you but does it mean that you will have to change your colour palette? Do all your outfit colours still work when the change is so dramatic?


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