New Look 6323 – Love this tunic pattern

This tunic and Butterick 5954 are officially my go-to patterns for knit tunics. A love affair!

I used view B: gathered back, long sleeves, and a bit of sharkbite at the side seam. BTW, I tried to find this pattern online so I could supply a link. And it must be getting scarce – it’s not on Pattern Review or the Simplicity site. But it’s still on
The back curved seam and gathered skirt are just so  appealing. And add a little sass walking away…
 And the hi-lo hem is just about perfect. Unexpected and so much fun.
Sewing notes:
  • This is size 12. My very first version, in lagoona interlock, was size 14, and it was just too big for me.
  • I dropped the center front by 1 3/4″, trued out to the sides. This decreases the sharkbite effect a little bit and brings the front below the crotch of my pants. Just my preference – I don’t care for tops that stop just above the crotch. IMHO, so unflattering…
  • This wonderful fabric is a cotton/rayon jersey from Fabric Mart. It has 80% stretch horizontally and 10% along the selvedge. Fabric Mart doesn’t give fabric weights, but I would put this at 6 – 8 oz. It’s not sticky (the bane of cotton/spandex), due to the rayon content.

I’m wearing my Essex linen/cotton wide-leg pants in the pics above. But this tunic is also great with my Love Notions Sabrina Slims. 
Last spring I made this in black spun cotton/rayon jersey from Girl Charlee, and for some reason I never blogged it – but I wore it in  in my post on those Slims…  

The black jersey is 6.5 oz. and has 50% horizontal stretch. I hope it comes back to GC, it’s so nice for tops. Funny story: I wore the outfit below to my annual checkup in May – when my doctor walked in, she said “you’ve lost weight”. Nooo, but I’ll take it!

So – Election Day tomorrow! I voted by mail several weeks ago, rather than try to stand in line with my cane (would they take it away at the door?). I find voting to be so empowering and levelling at the same time – the country feels like a small community when we do this.
And I’m looking forward to watching the election results all day tomorrow to see if I won 🙂
Bye for now – Coco

Edited to add: Stirswatersblue on Pattern Review let me know that this pattern has been re-released as New Look 6439 – and sure enough, the exact pattern!

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  1. I came back to comment on your Thankfulness post and found it gone; Just wanted to say that I have a good sewing buddy that has some of the same issues you deal with, and she is everyday an inspiration to me! You are too!


  2. You are looking so beautiful these days, my friend! I just love your hair. This is a lovely and versatile tunic. I like how you've paired it with wide leg pants – I've never considered that myself. I only wear tunics with leggings or skinny pants! But now I will try with wide legs..


  3. Thanks so much! Knits – I love them, but I hear you! Those selvedges…I often just cut them off before I lay out the fabric for cutting. If the fabric won't go 'on square', try stretching it diagonally along its length to straighten it up. Also, you can work with small pieces at a time, rather than trying to line up the entire yardage. E.g., cut out enough for one pattern piece rather than pin the whole pattern. I do this all the time! It's easier to find the grain on a small piece of fabric. Some people use spray starch to make the edges lie down, others steam press the fabric very lightly. Press on the side away from the curl. Another tip is to hold your steam iron about 1/2″ above your fabric and smoosh it into place. Sometimes I use pins to hold my edges in place on my cutting board, which is cardboard, so the pins work well. Yes, it's important to have your fabric on the grainline, it will twist otherwise. If not at first, then when it's laundered. speaking of which, always launder your fabric before you work with it! Knits shrink a lot more than wovens do. You could start with easier knits, like 100% cotton jersy – easy to see the grainline. Blends are tougher. And here is a link to a wonderful overview of sewing with knits, it's from the University of Kentucky Extensions Services, one of my go-to sites for info on fabrics:

    Mostly – have fun. Practice and patience 🙂


  4. I love all your tunics. You look incredibly thin (not that you look big anyway) in the black over white slims. I am trying to venture into knit sewing. Some people find it easy…I am finding it challenging. Do you find the grain line(rib) to measure from or do you wing it and go with the salvage? I read to take the time to get a straight grain or rib to keep the garment from twisting. I am having a heck of a time doing this. Going blind for one thing……. Any suggestions since you are so good at it?


  5. So nice to have a pattern that you love! Very flattering on you too! Good to know it is still available under the other number. I may have to pick it up!


  6. Thank you, Pao! and with your sewing ability I bet you'd sew me under the table once you started knits. Election Day – I'm such an optimistic, non-confrontational person, even the election doesn't really get to me 🙂


  7. Thanks, Sue! The pants are a hack of V9114 Kathryn Brenne pants (there's a post on what I did here on the blog). And I used Robert Kaufman Essex linen, which I love.

    And I am feeling better than I have in years, you're so nice to ask. Hoping it holds up through the holidays at least, would be wonderful.


  8. That is the greatest tunic, Coco. Who would've known there was that special design treatment to the back. I want that pattern now. And I still don't know how to sew with knits, they're mind-boggling to me. Even though I have that Vogue Sewing Book now. ugh, Election Day.


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