McCalls 6987 Round 2 – the adjustment bureau…

I’m so stubborn. After my struggle to like my first long version of McCalls 6987, I almost immediately searched for different fabric for a second attempt. Honestly, I really like the vibe of this pattern – there is a Lagenlook lady lurking inside me, and she keeps knocking. Kind of fun.

I’ve sewn the short version 4 times – love it.

This time I tried a quiet seafoam floral challis that I picked up from Fabric Mart’s pre-cut buyout. And I really like the balance of the color and the print with the lines of the dress.

However – after hours and hours of cutting and sewing, I was perplexed once again. I loved the way this looks in the back, but the front not so much. I paired it with black leggings, white leggings, and bare legs. The bare legs are an easy nix, but I was torn between the black and white leggings. I looked at these pics every way but upside down, and couldn’t decide…

From VividLinen – aren’t those great pants!

I was beginning to feel like a long tunic weeny. Maybe I should lift the back a little bit, more like this tunic…

Yes. I took off the ruffle and raised the back 3″ (it was loooong in the back). And now I really like it!

All this kept me very busy and interrupted my sleep. I think this white hair (which I love) has messed with my fashion equilibrium 🙂
Parting shot: Mr. Cuban Knight anole is back this morning! This one is a juvenile, only about 14″ long. Such a handsome fellow.
Ciao! Coco

14 thoughts on “McCalls 6987 Round 2 – the adjustment bureau…

  1. Of course I like it with the ruffle and longer length. But it's what you feel comfortable in that counts. And the tunic length looks good with the skinny pants. Can you wear it adorned with that beautiful lizard creature?


  2. I just kept thinking, it looks like a nightgown. What a beauty sans ruffle. I like the white leggings with the top as they don't hug your legs as tightly as the black leggings. Keeps that 'flow vibe' going. You are so right about the vividlinen pants. Can't wait to see you make a pair 😉 I gave up on coloring my hair and couldn't be happier with my white hair!!


  3. Great save! I never noticed this pattern at all, as I HATE ruffles. Did I mention I hate ruffles? 😎 It looks fabulous with the white leggings. Best save ever IMHO.


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