Vogue 1453 – Rockin’ my 50s sci-fi pants…

I’m game for a lot when it comes to sewing a new pattern that looks interesting. Even trying one that I cannot find in any review and knowing in my heart that they might be very special…

These are the funkiest pants I’ve ever made!

To my mind, I look like my knee hinges dropped.
In all fairness, this Sandra Betzina pattern is hugely popular. I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of the vest. And I plan to make it as well. But the pants – well, they just called to me. If they had worked, they would have been pretty neat.
I tried every way I could to get the pleated parts to lie down and behave. But they just popped back out as soon as I moved. Pressing them down didn’t help, and I am NOT going to press them anyway!
Good news, I can take out the pleats and reshape the lower leg for a jegging. The fit is fabulous – I sewed Size C, it’s long enough for me at 5’7″, and the crotch length is perfect, front and back. In fact, I plan to make some more in knit fabric. They will be great PJ bottoms.
It’s Friday! and I hope everyone enjoys a safe and peaceful weekend, maybe with a old sci-fi movie thrown in 🙂
Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “Vogue 1453 – Rockin’ my 50s sci-fi pants…

  1. LOL! I hear you on some of these clothes. To this day there are a few Tilton patterns that just make me want to cry Uncle they are so strange and off putting. I have 3 different patterns for pants myself. I can do any weird thing to them I want should I see some feature that moves me, sci-fi or not! 🙂


  2. Thanks for a good laugh this morning. Knowing you can trim those right down and have a good fitting pair of pants is a relief. Comic relief. So glad you are willing to try some of these patterns and find what works and what doesn't. We all benefit. Appreciate you, Coco!


  3. Thanks for the review, Coco! I would never have guessed they'd look the way they do. The pleats look so tame in the line drawing. Good to hear about the great fit though.


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