Sewing thingies for the sewing room…

New year, cleaner loft? ummm. No! But I did take time to brighten it up a couple days ago.

First, my pin cushion. Much loved, much used. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a ‘roll’ that fits right in front of my machine. And is long enough for me to segregate my pins by type.

I made my first one back in 2011, and it was looking pretty drab after 6 years. So, a new one. I took the oldie apart, both to re-use the sand bag that was inside and to retrieve any lost sewing needles. The latter was gratifying – I rescued 12 needles, most of them self-threading needles that I use all the time to sink thread tails.

The pin cushion is easy to make. It’s basically a rectangular bag, finished at about 7″ x 3″, with a opening on the side for inserting the innards.  Inside, on the bottom, I have a fabric bag of super-fine sand that I found at PetsMart (bird department). The bag is sewn from a high-thread count fabric and hasn’t leaked at all. On top of the bag, poly batting and fiberfill, stuffed in until I just couldn’t stuff any more. And the opening is just hand-sewn to close.

Those sewing needles. Usually they’re on a magnetic card that’s stuck on the metal base of my lamp. This works great, because they’re right at hand and not populating my pin cushion. I still see this Singer notion at JoAnns, it comes with a few needles and is very inexpensive.

Next up, a notions tray for the little things I use constantly at the machine. Seam ripper, measuring tape, long tweezers, Frixion pen, hem gauge, 7″ ruler, spool caps…lots of stuff 🙂 I’ve been using a pasta bowl from my dinnerware, which bugged me no end. Making a quilted fabric replacement was easy peasy, I should have done this sooner.

The materials are simple: A top, bottom, and batting layer, all cut at 10″ x 12″, then sewn as a bag, turned right side out, and quilted. 


Ta dum!


I’ve made these trays so many times as travel gifts. Most of them are smaller, about 7″ x 5″ – they pack flat and have snaps to close the corners. They’re great for holding jewelry, change, and keys on a hotel nightstand. And in my living room right now, this one has the notions I’m using while basting a bunch of quilt blocks.

I’m glad I took the time to spruce up the loft, but it was just exhausting. LOL – actually I’d rather be sewing.

Bye for now! Coco

8 thoughts on “Sewing thingies for the sewing room…

  1. Thanks, Karen. You will love a pin cushion like this one! I used to get so frustrated with the tomato cushions – they're hard and the pins are never on top!


  2. Thanks! I've read that crushed walnuts are good as well – if you make a cushion with them, hope you'll let us know how they work for you. Have always wondered, because they're so woody…


  3. Thanks, Linda. And I admit I have no idea if snips can be sharpened – I've never even had scissors sharpened…it's easier to get new ones 🙂


  4. Ooh, great ideas. Such a fun way to use up some small, pretty, scraps of fabrics. I picked up some crushed walnuts at a craft show and they are supposed to be pretty good for pincushions too!


  5. I.LOVE.THESE.SNIPS! I have them everywhere – by my serger, by my SM, on my end table in the L.R., in my hand-sewing basket…One pair was my Mom's, and after I inherited it, I ordered more online for less than $3 each. Hers is 'sturdier' but they all work great.


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