Help please! trying to ‘copy’ a pattern…


This is my Australian Open project – and Happy Australia Day to all of you who are celebrating! I’ve been up every morning at double-O early to watch the matches. They start at 3:30 a.m in my neighborhood. But I am an early riser anyway, so it’s nice to have such good company.

This project. I’m trying to make a copy of the McCalls 6168 sharkbite hem cardigan. It’s out of print (but not so old, released in 2010), and I can only find 2 copies on the web, both in size 18-24. I would get one of these, but drafting a size 12 from a 18 is not easy.

BTW – Twotoast started this! I am smitten with all her versions of the pattern…beautiful!



As a starting point, I picked up Butterick 5203 in JoAnns – it has that critical hemline. All settled on the floor with tissue, tape, and pen, I opened the pattern. And the only thing in there was the instruction set. No pattern. I have never bothered to look inside a pattern envelope in the store! Shocker.



Back to the drawing board, more research, and I decided to start with New Look 6323, View D. Which meant I had to draft the hemline. Good thing my favorites were winning in the tennis matches.


And here’s what I drafted for this version. I redrew the front neckline, hemline, and sides. This is the front, but the back has the same changes on the sides and hemline.


I was a little worried about the neckline, because that front curve is critical. But it came out OK!

This is an awful poly jacquard knit…but it was perfect for a muslin.

My sides don’t have as much of a drop as I’d like, or the line I’m after …


But not bad for my first attempt.



Gosh, my  white top and pants don’t match. Actually, I wore this awful white-on-white combo so that the cardi would be easy to see. Here’s a better look…


Back to the title – any ideas on how to improve the hemline? Does anyone have a pic of the pattern pieces from M6168 to share? Or another pattern idea? I promise to bow from the waist forever for any and all assistance.

A quick note on my ‘Choices’ post – the comments are wonderful, inspiring, and much appreciated. I haven’t replied to any of them, because the diversity of opinion and the openness of what’s being shared are awesome.

Bye for now! Coco


9 thoughts on “Help please! trying to ‘copy’ a pattern…

  1. Coco Dont over think this . I did a course ( year long ) i pattern drafting and its really isnt rocket science especially for this pattern . I would put this on your dress form and the raise it up a bit so you can really look at the hem line and then use pins to redraw the hemline to you liking on one side then cut it and then take it off the form and use that side as a template fro cutting the other one . When the pattern makers are making a new pattern , they make up a pattern using their blocks (you could use a T shirt pattern that you like and fits well ) make it up in a bit of similar toile fabric and the fiddle to get it right and then pull it apart and use that to make the pattern . I learnt a lot and the best thing I learnt was to have a go !! 🙂


  2. You might be able to “fix” the current garment. It looks like the garment you are trying to copy goes up further in front. Whet would it look like if you curved the front (and back?) up about 3-4 inches? I think it just needs a little more difference in the hem from front to side and you’ll have it. Maybe a little more flair at the hem also? I do hope you let us see the further development on this. It is an interesting look.


  3. This doesn’t help what you want, but I think it looks great the way it is. Maybe you could just add a couple more inches to the 6 inches that you originally added and blend it back to the front/back hem line.


  4. Coco, my fav is Tessuti Pattern’s Megan Longline Cardigan, which has a very similar hemline and I’m sure could be made shorter if you’d prefer. Love your first draft though!


    1. OMG, you’re so right! It’s funny, I just saw this cardigan made up by another sewist, but I didn’t see the side detail at all, I thought it was just a ‘normal’ hemline. I just went back and read her post – turns out she used a rather stiff fabric, which just didn’t let it hang a lot. She even mentioned it. Thanks so much! I’ll go look at some more versions of this.


  5. I actually quite like your version, especially with the colourful pants! I’ve made something similar (except a shirt) where the lower part of the side seams and the hem are just straight lines resulting in the corner points. I think I added a little more volume at the sides though. Does View B of your pattern look more like what you want except for length? You could extend the lines to lengthen it.

    How annoying that the pattern tissue was missing! I hope you complained to the store!


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