Important! Some comments got blocked unintentionally…

I was horrified and disappointed this morning to find 3 comments that WordPress had blocked as spam, putting them in a queue for moderation. I’m so new with WordPress – the blocking was unexpected and unintentional. And I’ve revisited my settings (which were supposed to block only a couple words that I find offensive…).

I hope you will go back to Choices and read Valerie’s comments. My sincere apologies for this.



One thought on “Important! Some comments got blocked unintentionally…

  1. I switched my blog over to a self hosted wordpress site last fall and it has definitely been a learning curve for me. I found a few legit comments in my spam just like you’ve discovered. For the most part, the move has been positive, but I admit to having moments when I wonder why I switched.

    Given the nature of the blog post, I would have felt distressed as well…but…it wasn’t your intention to block the comments, and they’re published now. All is well!


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