Bits, bobs, and busts…


A little catch-up on things I’ve been making, but haven’t blogged. Some are repeats and some are just the normal flow of muslins and messes!

The first one, above, is a second version of Vogue 1297, the Sandra Betzina Lagenlook knit dress (first one here). I love this. The fabric is from Girl Charlee – it’s a lightweight (7 oz) cotton/rayon/lycra blend. And it has all my favorite places to visit! The ladies at JoAnn’s were very complimentary and put my ‘business card’ on their bulletin board. I was so surprised – that really felt good.

Another repeat, this time of the StyleArc Toni Designer Dress. As with my first version, I used rayon crepe from Fabric Mart. The only change is a slight extension of the sleeve, to hide a bit more of my ancient upper arms… Great pattern.


Turning to follow-ups on recent adventures, the Weird Science pants (Vogue 1453) really did make nice PJ bottoms, once I removed the ankle pleats. I added a topper based on the Wiksten tank. Both are in a very lightweight rayon/spandex French terry from – perfect for cool weather.


I continued to work on my Lagenlook cardigan, my attempt to copy McCalls 6168. Here’s my first version…


And I think I ruined it! I raised the center front and back a couple inches, which deepened the side detail. But I like my original much better, and plan to make another in ponte di roma (have you seen the beautiful and affordable new pontes at Cali Fabrics?).


Not everything is a repeat. I also tried out a new pattern, the Frankie Dress from Tessuti Fabrics. It looks so cute in their version – fresh and easy to wear. It’s also very similar to about 4 other patterns I already have, but it’s fun to sew something new. This time I knew I would get a hand-drawn pattern, because it’s my 3rd Tessuti acquisition. Yes, the clumsy line art below is a precursor of the pattern.


I used a grey and brown cotton/rayon/poly jersey from Girl Charlee, a nice weight at 7 oz. I don’t like the color combo very much, so it was a good choice for a muslin. The only change I made (kind of major, really) was redraft the entire bodice and sleeve using a pattern that fits me well. Tessuti’s armscyes are small, and the sleeves are narrow. And I don’t care for the high boat neck in the pattern. So I guess I used the skirt!

Scary pic follows. Well, it scares me. This is the ‘long’ length from the pattern.


Just awful. Out of curiosity I pinned the front up to the knee, and it’s much much better. But I wasn’t in love.


So I cut it! It was a great opportunity to further my Lagenlook-drafting skills. I have absolutely no bottoms that match this top, so black it is. I was actually a little happier than I look in this pic.


Parting shot: Ms. Crab Spider has been busy in the guava tree again, this time after some very strong storms that really cleaned out the trees. Her web was so pretty with the late afternoon sun shining through her home.


It’s almost the weekend – I hope it’s safe and peaceful for all. I’ll be finishing a quilt project, I’ve been cold in this chilly Florida weather. Such a wuss…

Bye for now! Coco

13 thoughts on “Bits, bobs, and busts…

  1. Hello,
    I receive your sewing blog through email and have not received any since Jan 17th when you switched over your site. I just signed up again so hope that’s all I need to do, to keep receiving your post. I love to see what you sew, you have a wonderful gift. I do not have a lot of time to make clothes but you inspire me, I keep buying patterns and hope. I do have a little sewing group at church and we sew blankets and dolls for children in Africa. I am so glad you are still sewing, I did not know what happened. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us. Rita in Missouri.


  2. Hi Coco, I really love the gray pairing in picture #3. Can you give me pattern numbers and makes on both top and bottom. I have to get busy and make some new clothes. My issue is my middle section. I eat really healthy but still retain a round center front. You can’t tell with clothes on, but I can’t wear tight fitting for that reason. Blousy tops are best.


    1. Hi Hilary! The grey pants are from Vogue 1453 (there’s a link in the post above, ‘Weird Science Pants’) – but I modified the pattern a bit around the calf area. A very similar option would be the Love Notions Sabrina Slims, which I love. You can find both in the search box here on my site, in the left sidebar, to see what I did with these patterns.

      The top is the Wiksten tank top – I lengthened it several inches (I’m 5’7″) and added sleeves. You can Google for the pattern. It’s one of my favorites, love its comfy and forgiving lines. I’ve sewn it in both woven and knit fabrics.

      EVERYONE gets to enjoy a thicker middle sooner or later! The nice thing about sewing is that it can be accommodated and camouflaged 🙂


  3. Love the ” London” dress Coco- please let me know if you visit again as I would love to meet you! The stripe dress which became the tunic- how did you work out the curve? Did you hand draw it?


    1. Hi to you in Tokyo! So jealous. I dream of another trip to Europe. I was based in Brighton and London when I was with American Express International Technologies, and my region was South and Central America. Lots of travel, so I saved my reward miles, and each year Ashley and I spent 2 weeks in either London or Paris, ostensibly for my birthday 🙂 What a treat it would be to meet you…

      I did draw the sides of the tunic by hand, with lots of line art at hand on my laptop. It was fun.

      Loving your IGram pics, hope you’re having a wonderful time. Your outfits are inspiring!


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