Vogue 8499 – Adventures in sewing…


I’ve been feeling so brave. And here’s another chapter in my Lagenlook journey. Pants.

Here’s the inspiration for my latest make, the Oska Topsy Trousers (Oska has wonderful Lagenlook styles – I want them all). These are done in a cotton/linen blend. Cute, right? Even better, Oska makes recommendations on styling their garments. For these pants, ” a great combination partner for short straight, long narrow or moderately swinging tops”.


I think Marcy Tilton’s V8499 pants come really close. Like the Oska trousers, they have a flat front waistband, with elastic in the back for wearing comfort, they’re ankle-length, and have that characteristic little balloon in the line of the leg. Vogue has styled theirs with a short boxy top as well.


I don’t have any short boxy tops – my Willow top was always too small, and it’s gone. But I do have some patterns I can use, if I decide stay with these pants. A couple more pics…I love those deep funky pockets! And I apologize for the weird exposure – all these light colors, including my hair, make it hard to get a balanced photo with my little camera.





A few sewing notes:

  • I made View B, the shorter look, in size 12. This is down one size for me in Vogue pants, because a lot of sewists cautioned that these pants run really large. Actually, I could easily do the 10.
  • My fabric is a midweight (13 oz) cotton/poly/spandex French terry twill from Girl Charlee. It has 4-way stretch, which is nice for knit pants, and holds the lines of the pattern really nicely.
  • That’s it – I didn’t change anything!

I also made a pair in poly/rayon ponte from JoAnns, to match my brown/cocoa striped top. No pic of them together – even though the browns match perfectly, the styling is just all wrong. Which means I’ll probably crop the top! In this pic I’m just wearing a white knit, hitched up in front to show the pockets.


I wish I could find a decent line drawing of these pants. Marcy Tilton’s patterns have such nice detail and finish. On these,

  • There are front darts to keep the front nice and flat, so they don’t bunch up around the waist and would work really well with a short top.
  • The pants have 4 pieces, not 2.
  • Two darts in the front calf area form the modified pouching effect and narrow the pant to the ankle. Perfect.
  • The waistband sews together beautifully – flat front to elastic back. I’ve seen this done before in a very clumsy way. This one works without a lot of fuss or bulk in the side seam.
  • Everything, every seam and dart, is topstitched. I love this look.

Soooo…here’s what I think. They’re nice pants, easy to wear, and fun to sew. I think I’d really like them in woven fabric, in a smaller size, worn with a boxy top (more like the example from Oska). I can’t go very far into the layered look that is often adopted with Lagenlook styles. It’s just too hot in Florida, even in winter.

I also think I might be an inveterate slim-pant person…here’s the same grey top, which is a modified Hemlock Tee, with favorite Sabrina Slims pants:


Wonder Woman pose…

Next up? Well, I’m waiting for some patterns to arrive in the mail. I’m really enjoying trying new styles, even if I do use up a lot of fabric 🙂

Bye for now – Coco

17 thoughts on “Vogue 8499 – Adventures in sewing…

  1. I like ’em, Coco. Although I’ve made both of mine at ankle length. They do look best with a crop top I think and I had to down size quite a bit too. Pretty much with any Tilton pattern. But it’s a great looking style pant. The other pants pattern I really like is the Sewing Workshop Trio. Again, must down-size it, but luv those pockets.

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    1. Oh my. I do love the Trio pants, and the button-front top that comes with it. I think I’ll justify the ‘expense’ by dividing it by 2 and going for it! Thks for bringing it to my attention – I try to avoid looking at the TSW patterns because they’re so pricey… 🙂


      1. I happened by the pattern on ebay for a very good price. I only buy the TSW patterns when I can get them discounted via ebay or amazon or … For whatever reason, you can find certain ones deeply discounted now and again


  2. You have found my favorite pants of all time, the Tilton ones. I have had this pattern for years and have made them in everything from a silky fabric to a wool for winter hiking. They do not do well in a stiff twill, however. That was the only one that I was not pleased with. I love, love, love these pants!
    For travel pants, I add hidden zippers to keep the pockets closed. Yours look wonderful. You wear your clothes so very well.

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  3. I think this was one of the nicest pant patterns from Marcy and they look great on you. I love the loose lagenlook and wear it a lot. Oh and the slim pants of choice here has been Jocole’s skinny pants and capris. They have a nice knit folder yoga type waistband

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  4. What a useful post Coco,thank you. I also stalk th Osaka shop,looking at their trousers and have this pattern Funnily enough I have seen this style a lot here in Japan too on all ages and both sexes and was thinking of making some- so watch this space! I think woven is the way to go.I agree that it takes some getting used too- and I have a hard time with the slightly shorter look on me but I am determined to embrace it as it looks so good on everyone else!

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