Working the Sewing Workshop Trio Top…


Such trepidation – a collar. I’m not a fan. But I’m always willing to check myself, particularly when working with such a nice looking pattern. Plus I’m in search of a short top that will work with my ‘shaped’ Lagenlook pants. The very small collar is a real draw – could it work?

Ummmm. No. My opinion (the one that really counts) is that collared shirts make me look like I have a chicken neck. Scrawny. Arising from any button-front with a yelp that says ‘look at me – skinny neck, big head’.

That said – Emile is modeling for me today. But she is exactly my size, so the proportions and promise are all there.

It’s such a nice shirt. Beautifully drafted, with informative and sensible instructions that make it a great project for advanced beginner and beyond.


That collar…


It’s just beautiful. And for a collar, not so hard to construct. I don’t enjoy sewing collars with bands, but this one only took me about 100 hours – LOL. On the inside – the facing is really well done, no wrinkles in the fit or wearing. The full facing is really critical, since it means that the inside looks as good as the outside, if the shirt is opened to a lower button.


The sleeve – Linda Lee drafted the shoulder, and extension into a dropped sleeve, with a curve over the outside top of the shoulder. That makes all the difference in how this sleeve works. It doesn’t stick out at all. Really nice.


My favorite design detail, and one that I will draft into something else really soon, is the back yoke. It’s a dropped and gathered insert – just lovely.


On the inside – the insert’s not at all difficult to finish: serge the edges, topstitch them, and voila – prettiness…


A few sewing notes:

  • This runs VERY large. I did a lot of flat measuring and ended up sewing the size XS. Which is over 10″ of ease for my 35.5″ bust. I cannot imagine wearing a larger size (I’m a Vogue 12, StyleArc 10). Importantly, the shoulder, neck, upper back, and upper bodice fit really well.
  • I only deviated from the pattern in one area: I did not band the sleeves. The band would have put 6 layers of fabric in the sleeve edge, which I thought would stiffen it too much. Instead, I serged the side seam/sleeve edge, hem to hem. Then I stitched the side seams, turned in the sleeve 5/8″, and topstitched around the sleeve area.
  • For reference, this muslin is actually made with bleached muslin from Check this out – I ordered 1 yard of 118″ wide fabric, and got an extra 6″. It didn’t matter but it felt good:


It’s all done except the hem, but I think I’ll let Emile wear it for a while while I work on the Trio pants. This is my second Sewing Workshop pattern, and I think Linda Lee’s designs and drafting are wonderful.

Happy Saturday! Coco

5 thoughts on “Working the Sewing Workshop Trio Top…

  1. Really sharp sewing. Would you consider ‘popping’ the collar and/or wearing a neck scarf? My mom used to have the same issue with her neck, and those were her tricks.


  2. Wow, your Trio top turned out grand, Coco. I hope you do wear it. Maybe if you keep in unbuttoned at the collar and turn it up. Or just remove it if you can’t stand it. I’ve made it twice and keep going down in size each time, but it’s still too big. But, you know me, I wear it anyway…with a few extra tucks.


  3. I’ll have to give this shirt another go. It was HUGE as a small. The t-shirt part of the trio has become my go-to. The large fits great with no need for a fba for the overly ‘blessed’. Haven’t attempted the pants yet….can’t wait to see your version.

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  4. What a beautiful shirt! Are you sure that you can’t wear the collar? It’s so pretty.
    I have a few Sewing Workshop patterns that are collecting dust. I keep chickening out from trying them because from all the versions that I see, everything is sooooo roomy, I’m afraid that I’ll be get lost in the fabric. You’ve reminded me that I really should pull them out and give them a try.


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