Butterick 5203 – When the shark bites…


I have sharkbite fever…

Recently I’ve sewn a couple knit tops that have a draped side hem, and I love them. They’re just so much fun to wear. Since Fabric Mart and Craftsy conspired to increase my stash of rayon crepe fabrics, it was time to sew a sharkbite with a woven fabric. Ha. No pattern. I have over 100 patterns, but not the pattern.

I don’t mind drafting a hemline, but it’s nice to have a pattern – it’s simpler, and it builds confidence. I first saw this pattern on the See & Sew shelf at JoAnns, and I almost passed on it. The envelope pics are pretty bad. But I picked it up, checked out the line art, and decided to give it a try.


It’s actually pretty cute!


This started as a muslin, made from every square inch of a rayon crepe remnant. I flat-measured the pattern, decided to sew the size 12, and made only a couple changes:

  • I drafted a v-neck, to add some balance to the length and hemline.
  • And I used 3/4 length sleeves, because the long sleeves just don’t seem to go with the top. Too much.

One thing I noticed is that it looks a lot longer on the models than it does on me (I’m 5’7″). Butterick must have lengthened it for the fit models. ummm. Nonetheless, I did goof by not adding a couple inches, something I usually do.


Not a game stopper, because I really like how this turned out. I wore it to the hardware store yesterday and felt very pretty.


And… tomorrow is my day. Wow.


Ciao! Coco


43 thoughts on “Butterick 5203 – When the shark bites…

    1. Thanks, Pao! I really like the rayon crepes that Craftsy and Fabric Mart have had lately. This is a favorite, I got it in the Sienna colorway as well, and made a Toni dress with it (unblogged).


    1. Hi Kathie! A mystery – your comment is not in my view, nor in my spam folder. Maybe an issue on your end? Am glad you followed up, hope you will re-post your thoughts. Best, Coco

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    2. Hi again – I looked more. And here’s the answer: you commented on Bloglovin’, not on my blog. I know, sounds weird, maybe it shouldn’t even be an option! But I don’t control Bloglovin’. I saw your post a couple days ago, purely by chance, because I wasn’t aware of the option either. And I left a thank you, but they – Bloglovin’ – probably don’t alert you to follow-on comments. Regardless…I loved your post, it was kind and made my day. Such nice thoughts, and I love having you in my reader world. Thank you so much, from the heart, Coco


  1. Is there another pattern you can think of like this one? This is exactly the look I’m trying to find. I went to JoAnns website and couldn’t find this pattern. I’m trying to make some Spring tops. I think this one looks perfect on you. I prefer it to the Tiltons that add so much boxyness on the sides. Too much wasted fabric for me. You look beautiful in this one.

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  2. Lovely top, I really like the hemline. I have the Daisy tunic and Marcy tilton pants patterns now, and am excited to see the outcomes (when I get around to making them up!), thanks to your practical and inspiring reviews. Enjoy your special day 😃

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  3. Happy Birthday Coco! Looking good girl– I think the length of this top is just right- any longer and it would be “drooby” as they say in my family!

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  4. Wow Coco ! We are exactly the same age. I just had my 69th birthday. 69 sure looks good on you and your hair is sooo pretty. I really like that top and the V neck works with that hemline. I must remember that !

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    1. Thank you, Diana! Well, 69 feels nice – no complaints 🙂 And it looks good on you too! I love your blog, we sew and wear so many of the same patterns. It’s like window shopping!


  5. Well for starters I agree with the others that the length is perfect. Also, for the 2 days a year that your weather gets cool enough, you could use the sleeveless version, make it a little longer and layer it under this one. Or add a lace ruffle at the bottom of the under version. Sorry….thinking out loud here. Now, secondly, 69…seriously? I would never have guessed it. You’ve done good lady and I would love to know your secrets. Very Happy Birthday to you.

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    1. Thank you so much. And I agree – the sleeveless version is really pretty. but maybe not on my well-aged arms 🙂 I’ve thought about a short sleeve alternative, though, maybe a flutter sleeve of some kind. Aging – at one point, a few years ago, when the wrinkles started because my doctors took me off estrogen, I was a little dismayed. But it didn’t last, life is too short, and I’m happy. No secrets – I eat properly (including zero sugar), and use great products on my skin, Roc, CeraVe, and vitamin E right out of the capsule. And skin oil. Cannot believe how much my skin will absorb! Again, thank you for the lovely compliments, and the ideas for the top.


  6. First, Happy Birthday..enjoy your day! I so enjoy reading your posts; you know your style and wear it so well. Your love of sewing bursts through every post. As a fellow Floridian, I am always anxious to see what you have come up with. I am a devoted fan/copier!!!!

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    1. Thank you, Fran. I love my birthday 🙂 and I’m glad my happiness and love of sewing show in my blog. We all need a good vibe injection now and again. Florida – it’s hard! I’ve been here since 1978, and still miss boots, scarves, coats, all that layering that’s fun. But one bout of cold weather, and I’m glad for the sun!


  7. There’s always so much JOY in what you share. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite bloggers! And .. . . I’m certain you turned a few heads in that hardware store.

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    1. Thank you, Louisa! and I’ve just spent some nice time reading your blog, just found. So enjoyable! BTW, those were some fat racoons you encountered…mine are all so skinny! Love your early bulbs peeking through the winter garden. I miss that.


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