Tessuti Demi Pant – a muslin…


I love new patterns…even this one!

This is a quickie post, to show my muslin efforts last week with the Tessuti Demi Pant. So, what’s ‘demi’ about it?! Pattern naming by indie designers seems to be very subjective.

demi pant line art

Anyway.  I’ve seen a few interesting makes of this, and since I love baggy pants with funky details, I gave it a try. Progress so far – well, mine are just shapeless. Maybe, when I’ve nothing else to do, I’ll fool around with it. I noticed in reading reviews that it’s either loved or not.

Another view, it’s awful, but I’ll share. Grant you, the top seems too narrow for the pants, but I think that, with this much volume in the pants, an appropriate top would be very unstructured. It might be time to pull out my unsewn Tina Givens patterns, she has some lovely tops that might work.


Parting shots:

It’s almost spring, and we’re having very high winds (15 – 30 mph). The mahogany trees are giving up their fruit – which are best described as wooden projectiles. They are huge, hard, and dangerous! These things keep me out of the garden except for a couple careful pick-up visits each day. If I don’t remove them, the nuts release hundreds of seeds that sprout in my garden like grass.

Their geometry is very alluring, I’ve always admired them, even when they make me nuts.

Mahagony nuts (1)

Mahagony nuts (2)

Monday – on to more projects 🙂 Bye for now, Coco

10 thoughts on “Tessuti Demi Pant – a muslin…

  1. The legs in your second photo look pretty nice with their more defined shape. Easy to imagine you looking stylish in that sort of look, but it’s rare to see all that excess fabric at waist and hips working on a slender figure.
    Was there a common factor in the love or the hate reviews such as the maker’s style/size/choice of fabric?

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    1. Hi! Love it or not – seemed to be the shape, or lack thereof. And a lot of fans just went for the comfort – they really are an easy fit, I imagine they feel wonderful in a soft drapey fabric. Mine are also a bit longer than many I saw – just a starting point for this muslin. I think the ankle detail would be cute on a little shorter pant.


  2. Hi Coco
    I would be tempted to use a fairly firm fabric( cotton?) to emphasise the shape, and to reduce the volume at the top. Could you convert to a darted waistband or a facing instead of the gathered waist?

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    1. Good ideas! actually this is sewn in Dream cotton, which is about the same weight of Kona, about 6 oz. I had thought of darting the front and using a flat waistband, like the V8944 pants, to cut down the volume. That Vogue waistband is brilliant. I can also take out some of the CB seam (took 1″ out of my V8944 pants). so – something for a rainy day project 🙂


  3. I agree with your assessment of these pants. They’d require some alterations to be flattering, IMO, but I think that’s definitely due to the pattern not the model 😉 But if you don’t try a style, you never know, right? I always enjoy reading your blog entries, though you do make me homesick for Florida sometimes! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hope this is not upsetting but I think the pants are overwhelming on your beautifully trim figure. Subject change…those nuts are cool looking. I wonder if there is anything craft wise you can do with them. Duck and cover!

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    1. You’re so sweet 🙂 I totally agree, but was trying not to say so in the post…crazy volume going on! And how nice to hear myself described as you do. Many thanks. The nuts – one year I collected them and dried them in the garage on a tarp, to give to my charity league group for crafting. They are beautiful. The outsides split into 6 symmetrical pieces and dry as wood to a gorgeous mahogany color. The seeds just do their thing!


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