V8499 and Tessuti Demi Pant- the combo mambo…


Now that is a happy face!

I’ve been so busy – watching April and Oliver as they wait for their little giraffe to appear, and thinking about my recent makes of the V8499 and Tessuti Demi pants. And getting a new hot water heater. Yes, domestic needs do intrude sometimes on my sewing.

Revisiting the V8499 pants, I mentioned in my post that they might work better in a woven. So I tried them in a linen/rayon blend. Hmm. A little soporific…

Plain V8499

But the pattern has a great darted front and waistband.


My affection for the Tessuti Demi Pants was still lukewarm pending more work.


What an opportunity – I decided to combine the patterns using the linen pants as my target. Out with that boring hem!

Line art:

Line Art x 2

This was a simple change. I drew the Demi detail on the linen pants, cut, and sewed. Not bad!


In fact, they’re really cute.



I actually wore shoes for these pics, because they do make a difference in the how the pants look. These are my favorite Madden Girl gladiator cheaters. And I’m wearing my Sewing Workshop Trio Top, hemmed and buttoned (I’ve become a bit fond of the top, collar and all). I love love the back on the Trio, and the upper arm coverage…


A note on my fabric: it’s a 55% linen/45% rayon blend from Fabric.com, the charcoal colorway. It’s very nice, and has a perfect rumple with no shine (I’ve found that blends that reverse the content – 55% rayon/45% linen – tend to drape more, have fewer slubs, and have a slight sheen).

Both blends ravel! so I serged the cut ends of the yardage before putting it through the washer and dryer 3 times. I also serged around all my cut pieces before I started sewing. It’s so easy to lose the seam allowance to a healthy ravel on linens.


I think that’s the end of this particular saga. All that remains is to order some more of this lovely fabric and make another pair. I like them 🙂

Ciao! Coco

26 thoughts on “V8499 and Tessuti Demi Pant- the combo mambo…

  1. Yes! A winning combo for sure. I just luv the little white Trio top and the tricked out Tilton pants are perfection with it. I never would’ve thought to do the little magic to the hemline of the pants, but there you go. I’m going to have to do that with my next pair.

    I luv the Trio pants too, but you’re right that run ginormous, so be prepared. I keep going down a few sizes each time I make them.

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    1. Thanks, Pao. I’m looking forward to your pants – you always do something fun. The Trio pants…trepidation! but I want to try them. I might move the pocket up a bit – or maybe widen the area below – or demi-pant it for something to balance the pocket!


    1. Thanks so much, Sue. It feels good to finally get this outfit put together. Love the Trio top, but, warning, it runs so big. I sewed the XS and I’m not small 🙂


  2. You make the coolest clothing! I want to copy everything! Tapering the ankle on V8499 made such a difference. Thanks so much for posting…I look forward to all. And you sleep when???????

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  3. I like them too. They are a keeper. The outfit looks very summer ready. I love linen /rayon blend and I also wash/dry 3 times. I have the Trio pattern and never noticed the little detail on the top back. I bought the pattern (? years ago) for the pants. Huh, think I will give it a try.

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    1. Thanks so much. This really is an old pattern, from around 2010. And I only saw it a couple months ago – glad it’s still available. The pants – did you make them? The top is so big that I’m wary of the pants, flat measuring ahead… I sewed the top in XS, and it’s not fitted.


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