Tweaking my dress form…


AKA, taking matters into my own hands…

This morning I finished the bodice on a new dress. And it would not go over the shoulders on my dress form (yes, you, Emile). What!

Emile has always been a little larger than life:  broad across the back and shoulders, a very large neck (well, it goes down to 16″, but my neck is 14.5″), a tummy I don’t have, and simply awful posture. But, for 5 years, I’ve managed. I should have bought a Small, but bought a Medium. Self image – I just couldn’t believe I could use a Small. Silly.

Anyway, I took a cup of coffee out on the porch and thought about it. I’m not overflowing with $ to buy a new dress form, so I came to a creative decision: plastic surgery.

Tools – If I still had a power saw, I would have used that!


Step 1 – Removing the non-collapsing problematic shoulder – it was pretty easy and not at all messy. The form is just plastic.


Step 2- Securing the outside fabric with narrow duct tape. In a chevron pattern to add some style to this project:


Step 3 – Finishing the edge with full-width duct tape so it’s smooth and pretty:


Result – oh boy, I did it, and this fix will likely hold up for a while.

Emile was a great sport.


Happy Saturday! Coco

11 thoughts on “Tweaking my dress form…

  1. Now you’re a Plastic Surgeon, Coco. 😉

    Where did you find the dragon fabric? I’m seeing a robe for Lauren in this fabric, or maybe PJ pants for hubby…or both!

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    1. I always wanted to be a doctor! The fabric is from Riley Blake’s Year of the Ninja collection, found it on Fabric Mart, it’s still around on other sites. It’s dark umber and latte – would be great for a comic con or PJs!


  2. Great fix. It has inspired me because I bought a Uniquely You dress form a couple of years ago that is too large for me especially at the shoulder and upper back. Hmmmm. I may take a saw to it too !

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    1. And isn’t it amazing how much these things cost! for something that doesn’t fit. But I actually use mine, since I sew alone – let’s me see my garments from a distance. And keeps me company!


  3. Brave improvement and it looks great! My funny/embarrassing self-image story. I sewed skirts for most of my life but thought I just wasn’t good enough to sew tops. Over the years. i kept trying a pattern size 14 and would sew it as drafted…..for YEARS with frumpy results. Finally, I got a clue and tried a size down and surprise it fit. All those years and fabric wasted…. 🙂

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