Serendipity Diane Dress – a note on the neckline

Throwback Thursday post – to 2 days ago!

After I wrote about the Serendipity Studio Diane Kimono Dress recently, I realized that I left out a modification I made to the neckline. And I think it could be helpful to anyone who prefers a higher neckline and V-crossover.

In the pics above, the dress on the left has the original neckline. On the right, the dress I just made has a higher neckline.

The change is very easy:

  • I extended the shoulder by 1″ at the neckline, front and back.
  • And I raised the back neckline as well.
  • The new front edge is trued into the original pattern at the bottom edge.
  • The final step was to re-draw the neckline facings to match.

One last note – I didn’t use a drawstring in the waistband of any of my versions of this dress. I just inserted 1″ elastic, and, on my early versions, added a ‘faux’ drawstring, tacked to the band.

Hope this is helpful – have a great Thursday! Coco

2 thoughts on “Serendipity Diane Dress – a note on the neckline

  1. Since your last post I’ve been considering purchasing this pattern. Thanks for going through the modifications you made – it will be helpful if I go ahead with this pattern! 🙂

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    1. It’s a great little dress/frock. And I really enjoy it, it’s wonderful for warm weather and so forgiving of body type. I am planning a version with knit fabric, just because I really like the lines and how it fits.


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