Emile’s new clothes


Well, chopping the shoulders off my dress form, Emile, was a great decision in one way – I can get my garments over her. But she has looked decidedly pitiful with the gaping holes where I wielded my saw. The tape helped, but it has been bugging me…

Putting off a replacement purchase, I decided that Emile just needed some new clothes. I’ve had a couple yards of 100% cotton rib knit in my stash for ages, untouched except for a few rib cuffs. And it was perfect for this project.

With some basic measurements from Emile, I made a very fitted tube that gives her a nice fresh look:


I turned the top and bottom edges to the inside and ran a line of elastic cord through the fold of the fabric. A cord stop lets me pull the hem tight at both ends. Works great!



And such pretty shoulders…


In my heart, I know I want to replace Emile anyway. Why is this so hard!? She’s getting rickety, in addition to being too large, so it’s time, but she has been good company.

I’ve been thinking about getting a display form, rather than one that’s adjustable. I don’t use mine for fitting anyway – I do that on me 🙂 This one from Only Mannequins looks nice, has good reviews, and is a fraction of the cost of an adjustable form. Any recommendations?

dress form

Thanks and bye for now! Coco


2 thoughts on “Emile’s new clothes

  1. If you don’t use your dress form for fitting, then I say go for the display form! I do use mine for fitting, and I would actually like to get one of those where they scan your body and make a form for you from that, but neither the price of the form nor the time to travel are in my budget at the moment. 🙂


  2. I have the same adjustable Dritz number and she is TIRED. I wanted to go the other way, though, and get a “real” form with collapsible shoulders because I do fit on mine as well as on myself. I worked in a costume shop for 6.5 years, and we couldn’t afford actual Wolff forms (and they won’t do online ordering) but found that for about $230 we could get a version from The Shop Company that would last about 5 years–and they did heavy duty work in our shop as well as being manhandled by students. I have several store version forms but they aren’t pinnable, which drives me crazy.


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