Burda 6770 Wrap Pants – fun!


I’m definitely into warm-weather sewing now. And done with home dec…boring.

BS6770 Line Art
On Simplicity.com

These are such cute britches!

I’ve been looking at them for a while, but I’ve hesitated. I find sarouel and Thai fishermen pants to be very uncomfortable, just too much fabric and fuss. However – Sarah Webb just posted a pair of these Burda pants on Instagram  (Sarah is so creative and innovative, and she’s a constant inspiration for my sewing).

click. Miss Impatient here downloaded them from Sewing Patterns and had a pattern drafted in no time.

Some more pics. I love how these fit in the front,


And in the back.


They don’t even hint at having a elastic waist. Great fit in the fantail.


My top is a modified Sewing Workshop Trio – I added a side slit with hem variations front and back. And I raised the gathered back panel by about 3 inches.


I know it’s really hard to see the ‘wrap’, front pleats, or dropped waist with this print, but maybe this helps.   The wrap doesn’t impede leg movement at all.


Sewing notes:

  • The instructions are a little spare, but the illustrations make up for it. I’d put this at advanced beginner and above – a fun project for summer.
  • I sewed the size 12, which worked well for me with only one adjustment. The finished waistband on the original is just over 37″ – that waistband has to go over my 39.5″ hips! So I lengthened the waistband and narrowed the seam allowances at the top of the pants.
  • All the reviews I read, and Sarah, mentioned that the pants are very narrow in the lower leg. I added 1″ to both sides of the front and back at the hemline, and trued the side seams back up to the knee area. Worked great for me. Thank you, ladies!
  • And I didn’t like the length of the pants – they seemed a little long for the profile of the legs. So I shortened them by 2″, giving me an inseam of 22.5″.


These are sewn in cotton calico from my stash, and I’m loving how they turned out. I think other good fabrics would include cotton sateen, with or without stretch, linen, even midweight (6 – 8 oz) knits and lightweight ponte.B6296_a


Up next – I’m cutting out summer pj’s today, using Butterick 6296 Lisette Classic PJs. Move over, J Crew…

Ciao! Coco




17 thoughts on “Burda 6770 Wrap Pants – fun!

    1. I’ve nothing else to do! What a great pattern, I’m eager to shop for fabric, this one was just handy. But it is cute. I want summer flowers!! Exuberance 🙂


  1. How did you lose the weight? I know that you had mentioned it in an earlier post but I cannot find that post. Thanks so much.


  2. Those are so cute. Look really good from the back (something I strive for). That ultimate healthy eating thing is really great for you in so many ways. 30 lbs is wonderful. Something else I strive for. Unfortunately I make a lot of false starts.

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    1. Thanks so much. I agree – dieting should be call up-and-downing… But slow and steady seems to work. I didn’t lose any weight for several weeks, then my body realized that something was going on 🙂 The biggest benefit on a daily basis is the reduced stress on my joints, that feels good.


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