Butterick 6296 – More PJ fun


I’m feeling pretty spiffy with my new PJs. I knew one set was not enough. Now that I’ve sewn another, I’m not sure that two are enough! These PJs are definitely fun to sew and wear. B6296_a-horz

This cute fabric is Michael Miller Color Me Black Fish Frenzy, printed on wonderful Cotton Couture broadcloth.  The design credits on the fabric selvedge sent me looking on the web. Surprise – the print is by Hayley Crouse of Mouse House Creations (designer of the Julia Cardigan and lots of children’s patterns). Michael Miller collaborated with Hayley on a ‘color me’ fabric concept in 2015.

Source: Michael Miller Fabrics

Originally the prints were deliberately ‘childish’ and targeted at children wielding fabric pens, but eventually the collection featured more sophisticated designs in black and white reverse prints (here’s a link to Hayley’s blog post about her fabric).

I love fish! and all sea creatures, in art, fabric, mixed media, however they come. In this case, on my PJs…


Something I forgot to mention on my first PJ post – I added a back facing to the top, instead of the suggested collar finish (turn and tack the edge of the upper collar). IMO, a facing is a much nicer finish, and it’s not difficult – it’s much easier than piping or edging details, banded hemlines, a collar… Bad on the pattern company for taking a shortcut.



Nonetheless, I forgive them – this is an intriguing and versatile pattern. It would be easy to use the top for a camp shirt, the pants for shorts (great slant pockets), and I’ve already made a pair of out-and-about pants. Not to be overlooked, pajamas as street wear…

harpers bazaar
Source: Harpers Bazaar

I’m not sure I’m ready for the full monty, but I do like my fish version.


Parting shot: a lot of my own artwork features the ocean and its denizens, and often it reflects the vibe of a place that was special to me. I did this pen and ink when I was living on Key Biscayne in the 90’s. The shells were collected over many visits to Sanibel Island, a shelling paradise on the west coast of Florida.

los cayos
Pic taken thru the frame/glass, no flash…

Ciao! Coco

13 thoughts on “Butterick 6296 – More PJ fun

  1. Estos que escriben aqui siempre en contra de Calderón, pero nunca dicen nada de los diputados que son quienes realmente tienen detenido al país, tampoco les gusta que la SSP ofrezca servicios de seguridad, pero no dicen nada de la PBI del DF que por muchos años viene ofreciendo ese servicio ¿asi o más sesgados?


  2. I love the pj’s! Nothing better than some beautiful pj’s on a lazy Sunday morning! Your art work is also amazing! Love that you lived for a while on Key Biscayne. I grew up around Sebring, Fl and loved to vacation around there. So much culture and beauty but also peace and quiet!


    1. Oh, I’m a bit jealous. I certified through advanced diver not long after moving to Florida in 1978. I really enjoyed it, but then I really fell in love with snorkling. Easy to do, spontaneous, and we had boats back then. Exploring around the Keys was such fun.


      1. To have a boat around the keys sounds like heaven. It was our plan for retirement to do just that. But now the granddaughter has granddaddy wrapped around her little finger and he does not want to move that far away. So we just make quarterly diving trips. It’s the best of both worlds.

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