Kwik Sew 3873 and a summer muslin


Well, I’m trying very hard to break out of my maxi dress and loose tunic mold. It’s not easy! I haven’t made or worn a short dress in 3 years, ever since my morphea scleroderma took aim at my legs. With most of the lesions ‘burnt out’ into scar tissue, I decided it’s time to pull up my big girl britches and get over this particular mental bump. A short dress πŸ™‚

Grant you, the colors are all wrong for me, I bought this fabric before my color epiphany. But that just made it an easy choice to muslin a look that I really like. I.e., a slim dress with a slightly dropped waist, simple neckline, and short sleeves.

I started with the bodice from Kwik Sew 3873, because it has all the elements I wanted in the top. (It also has a super cute skirt. Check out this beautiful version by Cat in the Wardrobe).

line art

After a bit of flat-measuring, I added 1 7/8″ to the length of the bodice, dropping it about 1.5″ below my natural waist. And I drafted a simple A-line skirt. The top of the skirt is about 1.3 x the width of the bodice at the waist seam.


A note on the bodice front. The cut is so sensible. It’s a bit longer toward CF, so the skirt doesn’t hitch up due to the girls and so on.

front pattern piece
I drafted my version with 1/2″ seam allowances, not being willing to sew with a 1/4″ SA!

Truth time. Initially, I cut out a maxi skirt. Boring, same-old-same-old look. So I took off 17″. And then another 2″! I was on a roll – my finished skirt is 22″ long at the side seam πŸ™‚




I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, and I’m looking forward to making some summer dresses sporting my new look.Β  It feels good…

Bye for now – Coco





20 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3873 and a summer muslin

  1. If the style works, but you don’t care for the colors…how about dying it? I’ve never done it. But you seem to have try just about everything with making up clothes, Coco!


  2. I also forgot to say how impressed I am with your dropped waist change. I plan to do that when my KS pattern comes, as well. ANd I like the moderate drop better than the past multiple inch drop that was so popular and then went out of style. This is a great accommodation that feels timeless :-))

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  3. Go for it Coco! I like the dropped waist and the length is just right- looking forward to seeing it your good colours! Must look up that pattern now—x

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  4. Hi from Iowa. This is such a great dress on you and inspired me to order the pattern. I have not worn a dress (or skirt) in 12 years when I had a rare knee problem develop and had to accommodate a walker and then a cane and was afraid I would trip. Now I have new knees but never went back to the dresses.

    I always had to wear orthopedic shoes and my BFF got me started wearing ankle length skirts 20 years ago and I no longer had to feel so unstylish.. And I LOVED swishing around! Rather than wear shorter skirts again, I just migrated into pants and got pretty comfortable with that arrangement. So, you can see how I understand totally your reluctance to go to short skirts.

    Isn’t it wonderful to come into our own, however long it takes us, and to feel pretty and comfortable with who we are? You have inspired me with all your maxis to get out of the pants.

    My fabric order is coming this week for the Serendipity maxi dress and I will be making a gauze muslin that will travel with me as my robe to replace the ancient one I tucked into suitcases for 30 years. Took up no space, served to walk to the pool or to come out for breakfast at someone’s house. Once the fit is fine, I am anxious to go wild and crazy with summery patterns. This is fun!

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  5. Well, good for you on pulling up your big girl britches. I have to do that about several issues now that I am older. Those body changes are challenging at times Your muslin looks good, as do your legs. Nothing that most people would notice, Coco!

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  6. Knowing it feels good, well it LOOKS good, too. So handy to know how to create things beyond the pattern. Skirt looks to be a real good length. Enjoy!

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