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Art: Helen Dryden

Summer in south Florida. Warm, humid – incredibly strong rays of the sun…

In June or July, I’m travelling to Orlando to visit David and my DGS, Preston. They’re in a new home! Such fun to see the new digs. Plus – P.’s in various camp activities all summer, and the highlight of my visit will be watching him play soccer.

He’s such a soccer player! and was named MVP in his league last fall. Then he and his teammates won the league championship this spring. My grandmom heart beats loudly.

Soccer team - MVP award Nov 2016
soccer champions (1)

My challenge is to wear something that doesn’t force me off the viewing stands. I have soooo much scar tissue, all over, that my skin doesn’t respire well. Read as potential heat distress.

So, I’m thinking that my recent Scout Tee – cropped, done in cotton seersucker lawn – with a pair of light calico shorts will work. The tee:

scout variation.JPG

And a cute fabric from JoAnns for shorts – it’s a Parisian fashion theme, dress forms and so on. I really like it!


My shorts will not be short! I’ll use Vogue 9217, the Kathryn Brenne pattern, along the lines of my recent muslin.


It’s really nice to plan for a trip, a visit, an event, with family. I’ll be back with more once the ‘outfit’, including a huge sun hat from my inventory, is complete! Maybe with a parasol, definitely with sunscreen 🙂


Anyone else sewing for summer doings?

Ciao – Coco


4 thoughts on “Event planning…

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  2. Love that scout tee. I bought it but haven’t printed it out yet. I think I need to after seeing yours. Aren’t your sleeves longer? Love your version and especially the seersucker.


  3. Last summer I bought a silver reflective sun parasol after a couple scorching episodes on the sidelines – wasn’t sure it would be cooler than just a big hat but as it turned out there was enough shade cast to get most of me undercover and I was noticeably cooler. The cost was quite reasonable on line – it has sort of a double top creating a vent that seems to help with air circulation. The small cooler with ice and washcloths for the back of the neck helped a lot too.

    Have fun!



  4. I”m with you on the grandmom heart beating loudly. Hope you have a wonderful trip and stay safe from the sun distress. I don’t play well in the sun myself. We may be in Orlando around the same time. I don’t have dates yet but son’s family is thinking of taking 3 year old granddaughter to Disney and we may tag along. My daughter lives in Orlando and works for Disney so we go a lot. I prefer late October or February weather wise, but my DIL is a school teacher and can’t go then. Anyway….you can’t go wrong with cotton seersucker, or cotton anything in my opinion. When my son was younger and playing baseball and soccer, we took a small cooler with wet wash cloths on ice to help cool us off. Really helped.


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