Burda 6770 Wrap pants – the real thing



The real thing because they’re not a muslin! I first made these cute pants back in April, using a fabric for which I have no love (here). What I do love is this pattern.

So I transferred all my fitting notes to my pattern pieces, and waited for an opportunity to buy a fun fabric. Earlier this week, with a fistful of coupons, I picked up a couple calico prints at JoAnns. BTW, calico works beautifully on these. It has just the right hand, weight, and drape. And, of course, it loves to be laundered.

I think these Geisha girls are so appealing – and I hope you can see the front wrap on this pic. It’s very subtle, not at all over the top.


One of my pattern adjustments was to the waist. I sewed the size 12, which fits great, but finishes with a 37 1/4″ waist. Ha! These are ‘pull-ups’ and my hips are about 39″. I changed the pattern just enough to finish with a 39 3/4″ waist. And while the waistband is elastic, it sits just below one’s natural waist and isn’t bunchy (the next pic is from my muslin, but it shows the very slight gathering really well).


Top: The Sewing Workshop Trio Shirt (blogged here)

A note on pattern layout and fabric choice:

In general, calico is 44″ wide, and more like 43″ after the selvedge is removed. So I struggled a bit with placement of the two front pieces (and a larger size just wouldn’t have fit). The problem would go away with a 52″ – 60″ wide fabric (such as sateen and rayon, the other two recommended fabrics).


Great summer pants!


Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “Burda 6770 Wrap pants – the real thing

  1. I so love the fabric you used for these. I may have to go to JoAnn’s to find that. I want to make some shorts and I think this would be a fun fabric to use!

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    1. Thanks, Linda! JoAnns has such a nice selection. Many many more in the store than online, so I truck over there every couple months. Besides, I always need thread and elastic!


  2. I love these! The fabric is so wonderful and they look so comfy. I am trying to figure out my summer sews and will look into this pattern. No air-condition here and Colorado so anything that is 100% cotton is amazing!!!

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  3. Great pants but there’s no way you have a 37″ waist. I’m 6′ and my waist is thick (38″) and you are much smaller than I am. I wear a 12-14 retail but sew a 16-18

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    1. Hi! No, I don’t have a 37″ waist – my waist is about 29″ (I’m 5’7″ and wear 8-10 in retail). But the pants have to go over my hips, since they don’t have a zipper.


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