Another dress re-fashion…and coffee


Well, I seem to be spending a lot of time recycling things that no longer fit. It’s very satisfying!

This was originally a Vogue 1297 Sandra Betzina dress. And I loved it. But it was simply too big by the end of May.


The remake is a simple bodice (Kwik Sew 3873) and lightly gathered A-line skirt. It’s the same approach I took with my Valentines dress (here).



Happy woman…


Now, about coffee. I’ve discovered cold brew coffee and really enjoy it in the afternoon with a little fat-free milk. It’s so expensive in stores, I suppose because it’s trendy right now. Umm. It’s just cold water and coffee, easy peasy to make at home.

I use my Riklig teapot from IKEA (the infuser is perfect for holding the coffee grounds), medium-grind coffee, and cold water from the faucet. And simply let it ‘steep’ for about 12 hours.


Then I strain it into a jug, using a fabric colador. The latter traps any residue suspended in the coffee or lurking on the bottom of the pot. This step is not required, I just think it makes sense.

It’s great – a little different, and delicious over ice or with milk.

End of my cooking tale. It’s a good reflection of my kitchen aspirations, because I seldom cook unless someone’s visiting. I consider the microwave to be one of the premier inventions of the 20th century:-)

Ciao! Coco





9 thoughts on “Another dress re-fashion…and coffee

  1. Your refashion is brilliant! … and inspiring. I have a number of items that could do with some reworking – perhaps your example will get me going in that direction.

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  2. I love your new dress and notion of re-fashioning. I’ve become obsessed with it to be honest. I find myself wandering thrift stores eyeing men’s gargantuan Tees and worn jeans thinking about what patterns I could make up using them – the cost would be minimal and may result in a gorgeous and unique garment especially with some embellishment like embroidery and couching. So much fun!

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  3. Coco…I have a question. I like the neckline shape of this dress but when I looked at the KS pattern it looked more like a scoop neck. You must have substituted another favorite neckline or added to the KS neckline?The rest of the bodice is a nice fit. I am anxious to see your new McCalls 7597 dress/tunic and your review of it. I have some white bamboo twill that I think will work nicely for the pattern. Thoughts? You have great pattern sense. Coffee suggestion sounds delicious

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    1. Hi Fran. You’re right – the neckline and sleeves are left over from the V1297 dress. The rest of the bodice is shaped from the KS pattern. I did a version with the complete KS bodice back in May – here’s a link to the post:

      I like a scoop neck best, but I didn’t feel like redoing the whole thing!

      Today I cut out the M7597 tunic in cotton muslin – so it won’t be long before I work on it. I know I’ll do it before I finish the knit version, because I just bought some really pretty cotton calico for a full-length one. I don’t want to mess it up 🙂 I think the true test will be the drape and flow – the design lines are pretty straight forward but the front and back gathers will effect how the dress falls. Fun project.


  4. I am envious of all your refashioning! I really hate alterations. I would rather make something from scratch, but I think I got that attitude from my mother. I need to do some of this myself. I have lots of beautiful things that are too big for me these days. Thanks for the inspiration! I discovered cold brew coffee about 2 years ago. I have never gone back. It has so much less acid, so it is far easier on my stomach than hot brewed coffee. And it’s so convenient! Just dilute and pop in the microwave!

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    1. Thanks, Becky. Honestly, I don’t like to alter stuff either. New is more fun. But I’m low on stash fabric anyway, so this keeps me busy and salvages some fabrics I really like. The coffee is amazing!


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