McCalls 6966 Maxi Skirt – easy dressing…




Oh, it was so nice to sew this skirt! I love maxi’s, so this project felt like coming home.

I bought this pattern ages ago, and I’ve never sewn it. Mostly because I was simply drafting my knit maxi skirts as an A-line with a yoga waistband. Like this one from a couple years ago (worn with Kathryn Brenne’s beautiful jacket, V9135):

Vogue 9135 - Kathryn Brenne jacket

But my earlier skirts were showing wear and are now gone. M6966 has lots of options, including the hi-lo look that’s so trendy this summer.

Time to give it a try. It’s pretty cute!


Sewing notes – this is very easy to sew:

  • I used size Medium, without a single change.
  • My fabric is a very loosely woven cotton French terry from Girl Charlee.
  • The length was perfect for me at 5’7″. In fact, I took off 1″ before taking up a 1″ hem.
  • This skirt is very similar, in shape and sizing, to the the Sewaholic Gabriola skirt, which is for woven fabrics and has a zipper.

I love the waistband construction. It stays up a bit better than a yoga band, and it’s very nicely finished.

(1) The outside waistband and facing are joined at the top edge, right sides together. A line of stitching about an inch below forms a casing for elastic.

(2) The elastic is inserted, and the band is turned with right sides out – the elastic is hidden!

(3) And the band is attached to the top of the skirt. I sewed it on with an elastic stitch and serged the seam allowance together to give a nice finish.


I took my pics in the dining room this morning, so I could go back and forth to my closet for options to style the skirt. I tried a cropped shirt, a belted tunic, and a jeans jacket (which is why I was wearing the white bra that’s peeking out on my shoulder). Of course, I ended up liking a simple knit tee the best.



Parting shot – since the mosquitoes rule the yard for the moment, I’m doing a little gardening on the porch. These skinny dudes are papaya sprouts, grown from seeds I harvested from a fresh papaya way back in January. If I can get them up to about 20″, they’ll go in the back garden.


I’ve had papaya trees before, and the wasps really enjoyed the fruit – they’re fast.

Bye for now – Coco

9 thoughts on “McCalls 6966 Maxi Skirt – easy dressing…

  1. I love your skirt too! I’m not much of a maxi skirt person but I do love knit skirts with elastic waists (actually I really like your yoga pants waist band!) – what a great pattern! So versatile I’m off to McCalls!


  2. Maxis are so easy to wear aren’t they? I agree that this type of waistband is good,the maxi skirt I made this summer (B6219) has the same one.


  3. Very flattering skirt. If at 5’7″, you required little length alteration, I guess I should plan on a significant amount.😊


  4. Love the shape of that skirt! Great fabric too. I worry I’m too short to carry off a maxi skirt, but I might just have to try one this summer!


  5. I love the fabric print you used. And the skirt…so simple and comfortable. In my normal state of
    confusion, I am questioning your comment about the papaya trees. Are you growing them to draw the wasps? Or implying that you will have to be quicker than the wasps to get the fruit? I would love to have many different fruit trees but I live in the woods and thus not enough sun for the most part. And then there is the occasional winter here in the metro Atlanta area. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the response. I’m picking blueberries now (at a friends house) and just trying to get them to ripen to a good sweetness but before the birds get them is challenging.


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