McCalls 7597 Kaftan – a journey


There is so much to love about this kaftan pattern. So – my story of working with it to make it my own.

Background: this pattern has loads of details that I really appreciate. The front bib, the sleeves, the gathered back, the gentle curve at the waistline. A look at the line art:


I did a muslin a few weeks ago, with no changes to the pattern, and it turned out to be a really pretty tunic with my African wax print pants.


However…there’s always a catch, right? I don’t like things to grab me around the neck. hmm. But it’s because my skin is so sensitive, scleroderma and allodynia and so on, that I really cannot wear things that have such a high neckline. But I wanted to make this pattern work for me!

I’m not afraid to redraft a pattern. Here’s a quick view of my changes. I changed the neckline completely, to have a V-neck:

It did mean drafting new facings, but they’re pretty straight forward.  And, as seen in the next pic, well, another unexpected challenge – my dress (View B) was too short, even with my addition of a couple inches! so I added a longish flounce to the bottom. The inside view:


My goodness. But another look at the finished dress. I really like it!

Fabric: Stylized Diamond Aztec Print Poplin Shirting, Fabric Mart

As before, I sewed a straight size 12. One other change, I thought the 3/4 sleeve was a bit stuffy, so I shortened it. And I’m really glad I did. The sleeve is not ‘generous’ in width, so making it shorter made it more comfortable. I wore this to the market this morning – I felt pretty – a good test…

f4It’s only Monday! this was a fun weekend project. And I think I rescued my pattern for future makes. It has so many design details that I really like – it’s not going away.


Ciao! coco


12 thoughts on “McCalls 7597 Kaftan – a journey

  1. This is really lovely! What’s the point of sewing if you can’t make exactly what you want? And you manage to tweak a pattern to get exactly what’s “you”.


  2. You look happy, fashionable, and cool, Coco! It doesn’t get any better than that. I love the changes you made, especially the flounce. Now you can swan around the loft stylishly.

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  3. Nice save for you with the V neck. And I love the fabric (we apparently have similar taste in fabric) and the placement of the diamonds on the placket. So comfortable looking too.

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    1. Oh my – I agonized over the print placement! for hours… but worth it in the end. I sometimes wish I could just put my fabric down and cut it!!! But then I’d be unhappy. Thank you… -:)


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