frustrated Hi all. Oh my goodness, what a time I’ve had.

Incredible – I managed to lose the power cord to my Samsung laptop during my recent travels. I had no idea how attached I am to my routine 🙂

When I got home, and discovered that I’d lost my power cord, I was astonished. After a couple days of trying to compensate with my IPad (a very old IPad2 from 2010), I got myself into the car, laptop in hand, and went to Office Depot and Best Buy. NONE of the generic cords they had would work. OMG. So I went online with Samsung, and their chat analyst told me what parts I need. But the cost… it gave me pause. $75.

That’s a week of groceries for me. hmmm. Two weeks later, and I realize how much it means to me to get up in the morning, put on the coffee, and take that first cup over to my sofa, turn on the news on the tele, and catch up with my blogger friends and my world.

A new cord will arrive in a couple days. Gosh, I sure hope it works!

For now – Coco

8 thoughts on “Discombobulated…

  1. That is the dilemma of full retirement for me. While I could get by with my savings, if something unexpected pops up, it would throw my entire budget off. Hoping a few more years down the line will solve this. Happy you could get the cord and feel your pain! Love your blog.


  2. I totally understand Coco! Laptops, IPads, phones & desktops are considered appliances in our home–no different than a fridge or stove. I remember trying to explain to my in-laws when our kids needed a new computer for school. I’m not sure they ever believed we weren’t wasting our money on “foolish luxuries”. I’ll be watching for you to be back to normal.


  3. I feel your pain! I have pretty much the same morning routine and do not like that routine to be disturbed. I’m glad you posted, as just today I was thinking,”Where’s Coco and what is she working on?”


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