McCalls 7597 V-Neck complete!

Wow – you’d think I’d hem those jeans! But I have an excuse (of course). I’m not wearing shoes!

Best news – my laptop power cord arrived, and it works! Ahhh.

While waiting, I spent hours and hours working on my v-neck version of the M7597 caftan. The pattern has a high neckline, something I seldom wear. But I love everything else about it – the bib, gathers, back, silhouette, sleeves…


s2My first v-neck muslin was OK, but the I was not happy with the fit of the neckline. It was a little low (an easy fix), and it wanted to gap on the sides (not so easy). I’m really careful with bias-cut edges – staystitching, direction of stitching, and so on. So I knew I needed to do a little work and research.

I remembered that Jen/Grainline Studio had shared a v-neck variation for her Alder shirtdress, so I took a look. Bingo! I needed to add a bit of concave curve to the v-neck. From her tutorial (here):

alder vneck tute

Such a difference:

new neckline
Fabric: white-on-white cotton print, JoAnns



This tunic style is one of my favorites for jeans, especially in a crisp white fabric. So ’70s! but feels like home to me…




Now that I’ve conquered the neckline, redrafted the facings, and updated my pattern tissue, I’m looking forward to a maxi dress. I purchased this gorgeous challis from Cali Fabrics several weeks ago – the colors are so rich and exuberant. And it’s definitely destined to be a caftan, it’s just a matter of deciding which pattern to use, this one or the Closet Case Charlie.


Parting shot: this little Southern Chorus frog (Pseudacris nigrita) has been keeping me company on the porch for weeks. He has a sweet little trilling call and spends his time in my plants. For perspective, he is sitting in a 4″ pot and is less than 1″ long. Cute thing…

Pseudacris nigrita Southern Chorus Frog

Ciao! Coco

18 thoughts on “McCalls 7597 V-Neck complete!

  1. Thank you so much! Your blog post about the Charlie Caftan inspired me to get back into sewing again. I made my first dress, thanks to you, and love wearing it. Now your post about M7597 has inspired me to make my second dress. I have my fabric washed and just need to build up the confidence to cut into it. I’m not sure why I hesitate so much before cutting. Thanks again for sharing your experience. If I modify the M7597 to a V neck, I will definitely use your tip from Grainline.


  2. Love your white top! You can never have too many flowy comfortable white tops. One thing I learned (while making Megan Nielsen’s Dove) was NEVER sew a centre front seam using flat fell seams on a V. I did that a gorgeous piece of black silk (and it was a bit of a pain I must say!). The seam must by it’s nature end up on one side of the V making the top look slightly lobsided at the V. Such a rookie mistake 🙂 I wear it anyway but you know every time I look down, I get annoyed. I topstiched with a piece of fancy silk/wool hoping aiming for the old distraction trick 🙂 The V on mine was also a bit lower than I’m comfortable with so next time I make it I’ll head over to Grainline – thank you for that 🙂


  3. Was watching one of Sandra Betzina’s shows a few days ago and she talked about the V neck. She said to curve in or out as little as 1/4″ to get that V-neck just perfect. So you definitely found the right solution. I,too, love white with jeans…………..lovely top and lovely fabric for the dress.


  4. I like the white on white top! Thanks for sharing the info on the concave V neck, I may need to use that. Love the fabric from Cali Fabrics!

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  5. Have been looking to add a caftan to my collection and I’m tempted by this pattern because it looks very flattering on you. However I’m particularly petite in the chest area and feel that the gathers in the back will make it look too sack like above the waist. Do you think that it would be easy to take out the gathers??

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    1. Easy to remove the gathers, since the back skirt is cut on the fold. BTW, I have a very small bust as well and like the fit. Also – a caftan is loose by definition, but you could always make use the back piece of a favorite dress instead of the pattern.


  6. That little curve in the v-neck MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! Doesn’t it? Definitely filing that one away for later… Last year, we had an explosion of tree frogs (eastern Kansas). It was fantastic hearing their little sci-fi ray-gun calls all spring/summer. I’d never heard the like in all the time we’ve been here. This summer? Nary a trill. (??)

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  7. Oh, I love this! It was worth all your efforts. I, too, love a white on white cotton. It feels like home to me, too. I vote (not that you asked!), that you use this pattern for your caftan. I think it is more flattering. But either will suit. Thanks for sharing, Coco.

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  8. I love your v-neck modification.,I used Jen’s v-neck for the alder shirtdress too and it worked like a dream. Can’t wait to see what you choose to do with your beautiful fabric!

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  9. So glad that your laptop cord arrived and works. I agree that a nice white tunic is great with jeans. The challis you have is gorgeous and definitely screams caftan. Either pattern will work nicely.

    The frog is fun. I love having little critters to watch. I just hung another hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window and it gained attention within the first hour of being there. There is constant traffic now, and battles. One little male has staked his claim on it. I have several feeders and they just go from one to another. And I have a little wren that is currently sitting on eggs in her nest in a potted plant on my back deck. I think they should be hatching in the next few days.

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    1. It’s just amazing how much goes on in a garden, even one as small as mine. Those baby wrens should be fun to watch, I love little families. I’ve had squirrel, blue jay, and doves bring their juveniles to the bird bath. Cute!


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