A little sleeve magic…

s3Summer sewing, and my closet has multiples of two great dresses: the Closet Case Charlie Caftan and the Serendipity Studio Diane Kimono Dress. Both are fun to sew, easy to wear, and comfortable in summer heat.

And, as it happens, they both have short kimono sleeves, very similar to a cap sleeve.

About 10 days ago, I got to thinking about those sleeves. I admit to being conscious of the inflammation on my upper arms, and many days I just go for a top or dress with a longer sleeve. Just a few more inches of coverage might raise my confidence level…

The Diane dress was easy to modify – I just extended the sleeve by 4.25″ (as far I could take the sleeve and still cut it out on folded 44″ wide fabric – very scientific). It not only worked, it worked great! I love this length.

Fabric: Audrey Medallion Calico, JoAnns.

s1line art


Changing the Charlie Caftan was also simple. I had changed the pitch on my draft of the sleeve way back when I made my first Charlie. So I just extended it as well, and, as before, used self-fabric bias binding to finish the edge.



Fabric: Packed Poppies by Tim Coffey, JoAnns.


And I’m off to the drug store wearing poppies! Bye for now – Coco

10 thoughts on “A little sleeve magic…

    1. Hi. Yes. it was starting to be a ‘forum’ for comment,back and forth conversation. I’m very non-confrontational, happy with my choices, and definitely not conflicted. I enjoy my blog, but do not welcome in-your-face comments.So I removed my post.


  1. Your kaftans look so comfortable, floaty and very flattering. Spring is coming in here downunder and I’m thinking about how to stay cool in the hot weather ahead ….. I find the wider the sleeve the cooler, more comfortable and better sun coverage, but too long and then I get a hothouse effect! Nice to experiment a little. Yours, however, look just right 😀


  2. I have been lengthening all my cap/cap-ish sleeves to elbow length and I am wondering about your comment that you changed the angle of the shoulder seam. Could you explain how you decided how to do that?
    Many thanks!
    Lisa, SF Bay Area

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    1. Ah – the pitch of a kimono sleeve. The Charlie has a downward pitch on the sleeve – I raised it, so that the entire dress would not rise with my arms. And I decided to do it based on experience. Not patting myself, it’s just something one learns. More detail on my first Charlie post… you can search on my blog or find Closet Case patterns in my category cloud. Let me know if you need more! Coco


  3. Perfect timing for me on this post. I was just thinking about sleeve length this morning as I headed out to the grocery. I love an elbow length sleeve; it really helps my confidence that I am looking my best. Although I exercise a lot, I am never going to get rid of these flappy old lady arms, and when I wave at someone in short sleeves, I always think about it. I don’t consider myself particularly vain, but they bother me. All that unwanted movement! LOL I also just like a longer sleeve as I find in the AC I always get chill bumps. So glad to know that it works so well just extending the sleeve for a more practical look. These both look fabulous on you, Coco!

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    1. Thank you so much. Ah, arms and age and so forth. I can still ‘fit’ in a bikini but would not be caught in one 🙂 I want things that look nice and make me feel good. And if that means redrafting something, I’m there!


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