Some beauty fun…


Oh, let’s just talk beauty. Not controversial at all!

At the wonderful age of almost 70, of course I pay attention to products that help me overcome lines, dry skin, dark circles, hydration…

I started using serious skin products in my 30’s. Including a daily dose of Vitamin E oil, Retin A. Topped with Vaseline. However , now my skin is just too dry and thin for me to use Retin A. I’ve tried substituting Retinol products (mostly from Roc, a few others). But they’re very pricey, and I just did not discern a benefit.

So I’m more practical now. I need products that will stay with me for 12 hours, prevent dehydration, and keep my skin supple.

Foundation – for several years I’ve used a wonderful product from IT Cosmetics – Celebration! I originally bought it from QVC, and it came with an extraordinary brush (get this brush, you will toss sponges forever). And I still have it in my arsenal for photos and so on. It’s great, and I totally recommend it. It covers well, and, more, does not sit in lines and say, look at me. I use the ‘Light’.


But let’s move on to products that are available in the pharmacy/drug store!

For the last 3 months or so, I’ve been using a new foundation from Neutrogena. Yes, available at the drug store! It is wonderful! It has a very light and hydrating base, it covers well, and it just feels good. Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint. I use the Classic Ivory, the lightest tint… I like it so much that I was concerned that it will be discontinued, so I bought extra for my ‘beauty stash’. I love this stuff!


Another concern for any of us who suffer diminishing eyebrows! Here’s a brow product that I simply love. The NYX Micro Brow Pencil. The crayon is soft enough to go on easily, and it is shaped in a rectangle, so I can define the brow line. It has a brush, and it’s working so well for me. I almost never go out with adding my brows 🙂


Aside: I don’t use lipstick most of the time. Just the feel of it on my lips makes me crazy!

Onward. I have very very dry skin. I  think I’ve tried just about every body oil on the market. My choice, and what I use every day, from Nivea. Seriously, this body oil makes my skin feel so nice and takes away the pain of dry skin. I get out of the shower and use it everywhere. and I slather it on my face every morning.


OK – are you ready for this? I love love petroleum jelly. AKA Vaseline jelly. To make myself feel like it’s a beauty product, I buy it in a tube. But I love it. I rub it all over my face every morning (yes, on top of the body oil), and it keeps my face soft and hydrated all day. I tried baby oil, in various formularies, but it doesn’t touch this…



Ah. Beauty. So important. Ciao! Coco

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  1. Hi Coco, I am emerging from my sabbatical and starting with one of my fave topics-beauty buys 🙂 Vaseline for my hands and feet, Cetaphil cleanser for my face, Estee Lauder foundation and creams, L’Oreal makeup for smokey eyes. I love lipstick but don’t think it looks good on me at this age, so I apply it, then blot and apply Carmex.

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  2. My skin is also dry and I too use Vasceline over my basic moisturizer. I’ve been using Vasceline since the earky 1970’s. I blend my own moisturizer by mixing my favorite moisturizers (each has a different focus) with a Cetaphil Cream base. I have very few wrinkles. No, I don’t look 27 but my skin is comfortable. Very dry skin can hurt. An article in Consumer Reports in the mid-70’s confirmed what I already knew about using Vasceline stating that the product was pure, inexpensive, and effective.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your choices. My dermatologist recommends vaseline also. I use it on my body but not my face. I use a product from Eurcerin on my face and sunscreen from Trader Joes. By the way, I found another good product from Vaseline for Mature Skin (!) at Costco. Really stops the itch of dry skin.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your choices Coco. I have been struggling with skin that looks like the Sahara Desert most days. Add in excema & allergies to so many things, it’s difficult to find a product that fits the bill. I’ve got my face routine pretty well down pat. (I, too, am an IT Cosmetics lover, and their brushes give my makeup loving daughter serious envy! ) I’m off to look for the Neutrogena Oil tomorrow. I’ve tried their shower body lotion, but with the summer heat & humidity, it’s far too heavy.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this. I have very dry skin and have used Bobbi Brown products for quite some time. I am facing retirement in the near future and looking for less expensive products but ones that work for dry skin at the drug store. Coco, thanks for mentioning Neutrogena foundation, I may have to give that one a try. I too use IT Cosmetics but a different foundation that I like, I have stayed away from power types as I thought they may settle in my wrinkles mores. I will try Nivea Body Oil this winter.

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  6. Have you girls ever used products containing lactic acid. One of the problems with dry skin is that the dead keratinous layer just won’t let go and fall off. I’m not a fan of mechanical sloughing (scrubs and such) because I already have quite red skin. but a lactic containing product gives me a glow. Here in Aus. I use Rationale products, fiendishly expensive but fab. For skin that breaks out – salacylic acid containing products – they are however, quite drying. Vaseline is wonderful around the eyes at night I reckon, occlusive so that the sheets don’t suck the moisture outta one’s face! Moisturisers containing Hyalurionic acid will attract moisture out of the air and help it stick to your face – no really!

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    1. I’ve used lactic acid products, like Lac-hydrin, and one from CeraVe as well. Mostly on legs and arms, it’s too much for my face. You’re right, it is exfoliating, and my dermatologist likes it.

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  7. No makeup of any kind here, not for lack of trying. Seemed to be allergic to everything which caused horrible rashes and burning. Gave up trying years ago. That goes for lotions as well. That is when I discovered Vaseline. It is my go to for just about every need. Wish I could put it in my dry eyes!

    I had read about Crisco some time ago and had forgotten it. I am glad Becky mentioned it, I think I will give it a try.

    Coco, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s workin for ya. (Read that in a southern accent, cause that is how it sounded in my head)

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    1. For your dry eyes, pick up an “artificial tears” product such as Genteal from your local drugstore. That feeling of Ahhh! I feel each time I put it in is so refreshing and worth it.


  8. Thanks for sharing, Coco. I am a couple of years younger than you, but I have seriously dry skin. I had a dermatologist tell me that Crisco was the best moisturizer. Similar to your experiences with Vaseline, I’m sure. My problem is that although my skin is very dry, I still cannot use occlusive moisturizers. They give me acne, which is a real kick in the teeth for someone my age! I have started making my own soaps, which has really helped with the dry skin on my body. I will have to try the Nivea oil this winter. I have found I like Neutrogena products as well. I still use Retin A, but I only use it about every 10 days. I don’t use makeup anymore except for special occasions. I like going without. My skin feels better when I don’t.

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    1. l hear you! I have struggled with occlusive moisturizers as well. Tough stuff. These work for me, but skin care is so personal, so targeted to one’s skin… I will say, that like you, I don’t use a lot of makeup, other than special occasions or my blog posts. The one’s I’ve mentioned here are ones that I would use everyday, if I weren’t at home, retired, not caring one way or the other! And I like them when I do choose to use makeup 🙂


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