Style Arc Adeline Dress – Final Thoughts

line artAs I hinted in my post about the Style Arc Adeline Dress, I do have some lingering thoughts on the drafting and design – stride, and so on. Well, here we go.

Before I start, to all you Adeline lovers out there, please remember that this is my experience, and it’s totally based on me!


I really did like my first version (post here) – but, this particular combo of greens is really becoming for me. I should use it more often.

My second version is in a lovely fabric by Tim Coffey, from his Poppy collection. I love poppies! so I was really happy to find this fabric at JoAnns.

My dress…

Not so much love. Take a look.

But it’s not for me. Not in the house, not to the grocery, just not anywhere.

Not to stray, and addressing my initial concerns, I did modify the pattern to add a little width at the bottom – the stride was a little tight. I added 1/2″ at the hemline seam, front and back, trued up to somewhere below the hip. This comes to a total addition of 2″ at the hem. And it is very helpful in walking and sitting. Of course I had to modify the hem facing bands as well. If you do this, I suggest drawing your new hem bands directly off your fabric. There are some bodacious curves and angles at play…


So – I think I’ve laid this pattern to rest for myself, aside from perhaps raiding the neckline and hemline when I get rambunctious.

My fabric – green and blue – will be reused! I love them both.

Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “Style Arc Adeline Dress – Final Thoughts

  1. yeah, you’re right. The green looks good, but that blue one looks sort of like a hospital gown. yikes. How about as crop tops, of to the waist tops?


  2. I actually like the green one. But you are right, the blue looks…institutional. I liked this pattern diagram but I was afraid it wouldn’t work on me…now I am sure I don’t have the figure for it. I bought the tunic that’s almost the same and I think the shorter version will be okay, so maybe try hacking the length of yours.

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    1. Thanks, Margene. I think I’ll be able to get a couple pairs of cute PJ shorts from these dresses. If not, I’ll use the fabric in a bag or eyeglass cases or envelope clutches!


  3. Just my opinion, but I find this kind of one-piece sleeve and dress to almost never be flattering to anyone. It depends on the drape of the fabric, I know, but it leaves kind of a bulky bunch-up of fabric under the arm. Plus it can’t be cut economically. I like the green fabric on you, though! It’ll turn into something great!

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    1. thanks, Jean. It really is a difficult style. I’ve seen some cute versions, the ones I like best are short, with a long sleeve tee, over leggings, boots, scarves, that sort of layered style.


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