The essential kit


Ah, sewing… My first year on Instagram (, and I’m participating in @sewphotohop. Tomorrow’s theme is ‘the essential kit’. And one photo just won’t do. I tried, but, no. I need it all.

So a cruise through my sewing lifeline…

The first pic is of a multi-drawer thingie that I got at JoAnns. And it refects my fastidious side. I cannot abide the idea of dust collecting on my thread. The same reason I keep my fabric stash in covered bins. My serger thread is in a similar article, also from JoAnns.

I love the tote in the pic, from Thirty One and gifted by Ashley.

The wonderful thing about these little storage chests is that I have lots of spaces for my office supplies, sewing machine needles, various machine parts, presser feet, and sewing manuals.

OK, I didn’t move anything around when I went into the loft to take these pics. And I’m really fortunate to have an entire room for the loft. My ironing board and garment rack are permanent! and I love them both. I got the rack online ages ago and cannot find it now.


And little things that make a difference. Because I have two tables, I keep helpers at hand for both… this one is by my serger, the one by my sewing machine is similar, except that it includes a comb and lipstick!


At my sewing machine, my very favorite pin cushion, me-made, that lets me separate my pins and fits so well in front of my machine. At hand, my seam ripper, nippers, and 4″ needle, which is my poker stick when I’m sewing. Also, I love love my focused lamp from IKEA (this thing is only about $10 from IKEA – get one!!!).


I use so many pens and markers. I have lots of chalks in a separate dish, but don’t very often make broad strokes on my fabric in the loft (on my cutting board, downstairs, yes, and I use a yardstick and curves as needed!). In my Rockettes mug from my trip to NYC with Ashley, Christmas a few years ago: Frixion pens, chalk quilters pens, pencils, Sharpies, a couple sable hair brushes to clean the machine…and a nail files. Ah, vanity.


A wonderful way to keep my needles at hand – a magnetic that clings to the base of the lamp on my sewing desk. My sewing needles, a double-eye needle for finishing off serger threads, and an assortment of self-threading needles for sinking threads as I sew. I also put my presser-feet-in-play on the lamp base, walking foot, straight stitch foot, 1/4″ foot…whatever I’m using. These tend to just reside there. With my pencil sharpener for my chalk pencils and my jewelers loupe for work on my stamp collection.


And here’s an essential – a small TV (my printer is beside it but not in the pic). I love to sew with a good movie or something I’ve recorded. Unseen in the pics, the TV sits on a 10′ span of bookshelves – sewing books, pics, my international stamp collection, and lots of small storage boxes for things like embroidery thread, buttons, zippers, bias tape, metal piggy-banks and colored pencils (I collect them, seriously, from museums), lots of fun things.


And that’s it – a walk through the loft, the essentials.

Bye for now! Coco

5 thoughts on “The essential kit

  1. Love this! I think we sewers are very resourceful when it comes to our spaces. I started out on a typing stand and my grandmothers tiny sewing basket–well, no more! Thanks for sharing


  2. I always love to see how someone else has organized their sewing space – ideas abound 🙂 I have several pin holders – magnet ones and one made with natural sheepskin that I love. Each holder features different types of pins. I have a magnetized steel bowl by my machine that I picked up while my husband was shopping in an auto parts shop. It holds my feet in use and some other steel things so I won’t lose them or drop them nowhere to be seen again. Love your clothing rack!


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