McCalls 6203 Bats in the attic


Good Monday morning! I was up double-O-early today, that full moon just wanted some attention. Beautiful moon…

2013With fresh coffee in hand, I finally got together some pics of my latest knit tops. These were sewn with a purpose, which is not something I can say about most things I sew! I wanted some tops that I can tuck into my jeans. Just that. But not tee shirts or blouses. It sounds easy, but I spent hours looking at patterns online, and finally remembered this top that I made in 2013, during my batwing period. OK, it was also my zebra period…

envelope m6203

I remember buying this pattern as a leap of faith, because the envelope pics are really really bad. But the line art, no embellishments, is quite good. And it makes a great top.


I really like the deep ballet neck. It’s feminine and sort of elevates the vibe of a pair of jeans. BTW – I love jeans. I don’t sew them, I buy them. I could never ever get this fit in a pair that I made myself. The ones here all from Coldwater Creek and are old, just the way jeans should be πŸ™‚ And it’s really gratifying that these fit again…

Fabric: rayon/spandex medium weight jersey,

Of course I made a white top as well.

Fabric: cotton/modal lightweight jersey, Girl Charlee

A few sewing notes:

  • I sewed a straight size Medium, View C.
  • Since the pattern is tunic length, I shortened it by 4″ for this tuck-able top.
  • And I used self-fabric binding for the neckline. The pattern has a double-layer, raw edge affair for the neckline, which is a bit much for me.


Parting shot: I was messing around in the garden the other day and found this hoya carnosa blossom almost hidden from view. Hoyas bloom exuberantly in the sun, but at the expense of their foliage. I moved my two baskets into the shade a couple years ago, and I really enjoy their deep shiny foliage and occasional blossom.

Hoya Sep 1 2017

Bye for now – Coco

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  1. I hope you are preparing to he’d for shelter with this Monster storm on its way. Being in Texas, I know how devastating these are. Ours was not nearly as powerful as what Florida is expecting. I pray you’ll stay safe.

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  2. I agree Coco that it is difficult to find patterns for a jersey tuckable top that has more interest than a t shirt. I like this one you have made very much- has an 80s vibe. I can’t find it secondhand but I do have Kwik Sew 4140 which has a similar silhouette. I have made it once and it works well.

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