You gotta get up, early in the morning…

afrev2 2I woke up at 5:00 a.m. with ‘Early in the Morning’, by The Gap Band, rolling through my head. They’re one of my favorite groups from the 80’s – here’s a link to a YouTube version, if you want to sing along!

First business, thank you all so much for the support, prayers, and thoughts, not just for me, but for everyone facing Hurricane Irma this weekend. What nice friends you are. It’s a special moment – I’ve heard from so many of you who live in Florida, have family and/or friends in Florida, have weathered similar challenges, or simply care enough to drop a line. Again, thank you.

Sewing! it has been a wonderful diversion. I decided to fall back on familiar and comfy, and McCalls 6747 Classic Henley Dress is perfect. I’ve sewn it so much that I had to buy a new copy of the pattern this summer (some earlier versions here).


I also had some favorite cotton/lycra knit fabric on hand. I like this fabric/print so much that I’ve ordered it 3 times from Girl Charlee. As I write, it’s still available.


inside garden


I don’t usually have a plant shop in the living room. But I had to move everything off the porch, which gives me a new backdrop for pics.


What’s missing here is the cup of coffee just out of view. I actually put on makeup and combed my hair, but I do look sleepy. Or tired.


There have been moments of levity! Someone asked about one of my notes on my previous post, ‘move the alligator’. Yes, I really do have one, but it’s concrete 🙂


I also had a very indignant toad, who got tossed with the water when I moved the bird toad bath.


The wind is up, and we’re getting a lot of rain. Parts of Miami have already lost power. Wow. Here I am, my sanguine pose 🙂


Thinking of so many things and people – be safe, be well.

Bye for now – Coco

13 thoughts on “You gotta get up, early in the morning…

  1. That’s a lovely dress on you. Glad to know you are well prepared and glamorous for Irma 😉 just a note. To let you know I’m keeping you in my thoughts. All the best


  2. Just found your blog – luv it, love your style. Lived in Miami for almost 30 years, lived through Andrew, etc. I pray you are all right. I worry: the storm is so slow that there’s a lot of time for it to pick up water, cause bad flooding. Glad your not in a flood zone.

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  3. Great Henley dress and loved seeing the ones from the past–cute poses, too! Coco, I’ve been checking your site to see if you would continue to be able and post how things are going, so I was so glad to see your post today. If you can and wouldn’t mind, I’d love a daily update from you, but power might become an issue. Since you are so prepared, sewing is a great thing to keep you busy as long, again, as the power holds out. THANKS, too, for the Gap Band wakeup song. I know I’ll tune into this frequently as it has a good beat and takes me back to the 80’s! Oh, those costumes, eh?!

    Thanks to Hilary for mentioning Hollywood. I do business with a company there and didn’t want to call them Friday as I was sure they were busy in preparation for Irma. I thought they were in the path of Irma.

    Prayers are with you, COCO!

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  4. What a cute dress! Hooray for you making good use of the waiting time. I have been thinking about you and everyone else down there as I watch coverage on the TV. Stay safe, Coco! This too shall pass away.

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  5. I just lost live feed from Miami. It’s starting to get rough over in Hollywood. Stay hunkered down. It’s going to be a long Saturday and Sunday. God be with you. Stay in touch if possible.

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