TBD – color and other mistakes

IMG_0129 Well, this is kind of a different post! A pic of my TBD – to be donated – stack…

Two drivers – one, I went natural grey, really very white hair, and, two, I’ve lost a lot of weight (from a size 14 to size 10). That’s a BIG change!

Really, most of these things in my pile don’t fit me. A couple are colors that don’t suit me.

These two changes, in the space of twelve months, have been weird!

The size thing is really not a challenge. Since I love to sew, I’m happy to sew more stuff that fits me. Ha!

But – I’ve been sewing from my stash for quite a while. Wish I could win the lottery 🙂  and buy lots of fabric and make a new start…

Nonetheless, I’ve been paying attention, mostly to color, because it seems to be the most difficult bugaboo in the past year.

Here is a dress sewn from my stash. In one pic, I used a contrast binding on the sleeve. On the other, hoping to like it better, I removed the contrast and sewed a simple hem.

But – in the end, this print, the colors, do not suit me. And the dress will join my TBD stack. I  don’t mind this. Over the past 6 years, since I started my blog, I’ve sewn many more things than I cannot or do not want to wear.

So,  I’m just moving on! For now – Coco

5 thoughts on “TBD – color and other mistakes

  1. I truly like the dress you are wearing and think the colors look good. Having been gray, white, blond ( I have lots of colors in my hair, even some light brown) and all natural, color is a tricky thing. I have always worn “warm” colors. I have found that some of those colors wash me out now. I have found that what I thought was cool colors now work somewhat depending on hue and shade.

    I too would like to win a million $$$, oh the things I would do!!!


  2. I have had gray (an now almost white around the face) for so many years. Mom and Grams prematurely gray and I got that gene. I have always embraced it–so to colors–I found jewel tones to be my friend. Pale/dusty colors-don’t do anything for me. Years ago, when color typing was “in” I was a “winter.” Most of those colors still work for me. I still have hits and misses. 🙂 Wow that is quite a bit of weight loss. Do hope all is well. I’m just trying to get rid of 10-15 lbs now and it’s going very slow….


  3. I found when I went silver—not grey 😉—there were so many of my go to colours looked “off”. Everything from makeup on down needed a retune. Nice to know I’m not alone sewing up new colours & styles after going grey (and having a large, permanent weight loss too). Thanks for sharing Coco.


  4. Hi Coco! You look good, though, at your present weight and hair color! I wish I could be 128 lbs again. Anyway, it’s good to have an excuse to sew more! Happy sewing!


  5. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s good you are being honest with yourself. Saves a lot of grief in the end. Keep that good attitude and sally forth making clothes you can wear!


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