Final fixes from Hurricane Irma…


Oh my. A landscaping/arboreal team has been working behind my house for two days. They’ve been removing all the ‘hangers’ from the hurricane and balancing the mahogany trees. Sooo important to me, because these trees line my back garden. And they are only twenty feet from my house.

They did a wonderful wonderful job. They used ropes to secure the branches to be cut (awesome), nothing fell on my house. And then they came into the garden to make sure there were no branches left behind.

I took only a couple pics, because it was more than dangerous for me to be out in the garden, and I was mindful of that. But a tribute to them…



So – a good end for now. We have a problematic hurricane about every 10 years, so I’ll relax for at least that long!

Ciao – Coco

6 thoughts on “Final fixes from Hurricane Irma…

  1. These guys that work in this business are amazing. I had 30 trees (I live in the woods) taken down 7 years ago that were encroaching and overhanging the house causing the roof to rot. Had to replace the roof, so the trees needed to go first. It was a little unnerving being over my house but incredible to watch.

    So glad it is over for you.

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  2. We have lots of big oak trees in our yard that have to be trimmed consistently. We don’t have hurricanes, but we have high winds here. Tree work is a very dangerous job, and the guys who are good at it have skill and are to be commended. Try to remember that when you get the bill! LOL! I’m glad that these are your final fixes!

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