Holidays! Quilted Storage Pod

Beth Studley Storage Pod

Time to get  busy – the holidays will be here in a flash!

And every year I wonder what in the world I’ll make for the family – hopefully something they haven’t received half a dozen times already. Of course, they do wear out the PJs, shoe bags, cat treat mats, etc. But it’s nice to throw something new into the mix.

Enter these adorable quilted storage pods, designed by Beth Studley (aka ‘Love from Beth’). I saw them way back in April, in a Craftsy newsletter, and purchased the pattern right away. They’re perfect to catch hair bands, pens and pencils, sewing scraps, love notes, die cast cars, dinosaurs, all sorts of little thingies…

Source and pattern:

Some sewing notes:

  • The instructions are to quilt the main fabric, batting, and lining together, and sew ten darts to shape the pod. After the pod is constructed (side sewn, base attached), those darts are still visible on the inside – which would really bug me.Instead, I sewed my pod with a bagged lining, which results in a very nice finish. And it’s easy to do – quilt just the shell and batting together, and construct it as one piece. Then construct the lining the same way, but without batting. Insert the lining in the shell, and it’s ready for binding.
No exposed darts or seams!
  • Since I’m not adept at free-motion quilting on my machine, I used straight lines to quilt my main fabric and batting together.


  • The pattern includes a shaped piece for the binding, but I just cut a long strip of fabric on the bias, 1.5″ wide, and used that instead.

pd 3

  • I used low-loft batting because I had a remnant that was just the right size. However, fusible fleece would work really well (maybe better, since it’s a little stiffer), or even several layers of flannel. Whatever is on hand 🙂
  • My pod is 6″ high at the center front, and 9.5″ high at the center back, with a base diameter of 4.25″. Overall, a little smaller than indicated on the pattern.
  • and last note – this pattern is rated as intermediate skill level. I really think it’s pretty easy, and it would be a nice stretch for a beginning sewist. Required skills include quilting, adding a binding, and  sewing darts.

Ciao! Coco


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  1. Coco ~ those pods are adorable. I may just wiped up a few for my sewing room. Great idea on the lining the visible darts inside would drive me nuts too LoL
    I LOVE the poppy fabric I’d be so tempted to add some beading to it.

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