M6531 Unlined Parka – so much fun…


And this really was a fun project. I broke a few personal barriers – the color, the fabric, the actual utility of doing a parka. At the end, I’m really happy…

I’ve had M6531 for at least 3 years. I just like the design and the idea that it’s unlined. Living in Florida, I really cannot use a lined jacket or coat. But, I do get chilly. Not just in winter, but simply going into the grocery store or a restaurant.

line artEvery review I’ve read has been positive. People like sewing it, and they like wearing it.

I’m with them! Pics with the collar/zip all the way up…



Before I go much further, some notes on what I changed, what worked for me:

  • I sewed the size Medium. Perfect.
  • I used cotton ripstop fabric from Fabric.com. I love it. I pre-laundered it twice, and it just gets softer with use, and it’s cotton!
  • The parka has a lot of ‘traditional’ details. I chose not to use most of them. I used a front zip without a right-side overlap band. And did not use any buttons anywhere.


  • I also did not used a cuffed sleeve. Mine is lengthened a bit to accommodate the lost length, and it’s sewn with a simple hem. I’m just not fussy.
  • I designed my own pockets (I did not like the options in the pattern, which I think are too small and uninteresting, plus I really do not like bellows pockets or fly-away pocket flaps). Mine is big and has an inverted center pleat, topped with a band, and curved bottom corners.


Other notes:

  • I based my jacket on a combo of View C and D. And I redrafted the front and back hems to be on an even horizontal.
  • To be sure my front zipper was long enough, I ordered a 36″ zipper from Wawak.com. It’s a plastic #5 separating zipper. It was about 1″ too long, but was easily adjusted at the top. The pic below shows the zipper, and the 325 cord/cord stoppers that I ordered from Paracordplanet.com (great site…it can be hard to find 325 cord in colors). All of these notions were described as ‘royal blue’, and, amazingly, they all worked with the fabric and each other. Faith…


  • Although I ordered enough cord and cord stoppers to run it through the hemline, I decided not to do it. I like the simplicity without it.

So – more pics!



And the cutest Rocket Dog sneakers ever…


I’m jazzed. This might show up again in dragonfruit pinkΒ  or purple πŸ™‚ Ciao – Coco

21 thoughts on “M6531 Unlined Parka – so much fun…

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so nice! I love the color, and appreciate the details you included AND what you chose not to include. I think this is a winner πŸ™‚

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  2. A great parka and all your changes are perfect. I appreciate your mentioning where you got the cord and zipper. Love WAWAK, too. Looking forward to your finished jacket from the previous post. I got that pattern and will make some changes, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thanks, Margene. I was so lucky with the cord, stoppers, and zipper. Even got the thread at Wawak. Love that place – just ordered new scissors and cutting mat, such great prices. My peplum jacket – I have a pair of pants in the works to go with it, won’t be long πŸ™‚


  3. All things wonderful: the pattern, the color, the big pockets, the perfectly matched zip.. simple hem, and rocket dog sneaks! Yes..make the dragonfruit pink!

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